Female supervisor sexually harassed salesman?   

Colonial Used Auto Sales in Bartonsville faces a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former employee. Louis Domenico, a former auto salesman at Colonial has filed a discrimination suit at the US District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania against his female supervisor, Marguerite Vecchio, who is also the daughter of Colonial’s owner, Ralph Vecchio.

In his statement, he has said that he was wrongfully terminated when he reported the harassment to the dealership owner. He is seeking compensatory and punitive damages on six counts, and lost wages and benefits.

Marguerite began harassing the plaintiff in 2004, which was a year after Domenico was hired as a salesman in Colonial. She allegedly made sexual advances and offered oral sex. He was also invited to her house on several occasions, according to the complaint.

Although Domenico objected to such behavior, Marguerite continued to do so openly and publicly. According to his complaint, after he got married in 2010, her behavior became more hostile, and she started to demean and berate him in front of other employees. According to the suit filed by Domenico’s sexual harassment attorney, she also threatened him with physical violence at one point.

Marguerite is an immoral person. Domenico should have made notes and kept track that evening on when and how he was treated. If he could have recorded some of these comments made by the boss’s daughter that would have been ideal too.

Wrongful termination

Ralph simply advised Domenico to ignore Vecchio, despite his formal complaints in September 2012 and April 2013. In July 2013, when he made a third complaint, threatening to bring in a lawyer, he was terminated, the reason given being business slow down. However, a salesman was hired two days later, according to the claim made by Domenico.

The plaintiff claimed that the acts of the defendant were violations of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and 1991 and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act. Sexual harassment attorneys said that the Civil Rights act provided the right to trial by jury on discrimination claims and introduced the possibility of emotional distress damages.

Police Chief accused of sexual harassment

In other news, Police Chief, David Oliver has announced that he is retiring after the Brimfield Township’s board of trustees suspended him. Oliver is accused of policy violation after an email was received that claims he sexually harassed one of the department’s female officers.

Nancy Grim, the attorney, sent an email on Dec. 10th to Oliver and the township officials, where she said that a police patrolwoman repeatedly objected to Oliver’s actions that constituted sexual harassment, hostile work environment, and retaliation to her opposition to the same.

Oliver said in his Facebook post that he was a hugger and a laugher and that he habitually hugs everyone he meets, but had never hugged any employee for dirty or vulgar reasons.

No formal complaints have been made against Oliver, according to the Brimfield Police Department.

Creative Social Media

Oliver’s humorous and candid posts on the department’s Facebook page have earned 177,000 followers and he presented his Facebook entries and other law enforcement observations in a book titled “No Mopes Allowed,” in 2013.