San Diego, CA- “Repugnant and revolting,” that’s how former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner’s latest accuser described his behavior towards her when she worked as his executive assistant.

Benelia Santos-Hunter, 50, filed a sexual harassment suit against Filner last week, stating that while she worked for him, he repeatedly solicited her for sex.

In her suit, filed in the San Diego Superior Court, Santos-Hunter said Filner, 71,  asked her for kisses and groped her breasts, the New York Daily News reported. He made repeated requests for sex, describing the different places they could “spend a passionate time together.”

According to the Daily News, Filner suggested they should “go in the back and make love right now,” and also said they should “have sex on a conference room table.”

In her suit, Santos-Hunter described Filner’s behavior, which she endured said his behavior was “repugnant and revolting.”

Filner resigned as Mayor last August after 20 women came forward accusing him of sexual harassment. Some of the women worked with Filner in City Hall, but many others were women who went to the then-Mayor for help with certain projects.

“Filner acted creepy toward a lot of women who came to him at City Hall for help but they could just walk away,” said Josh Gruenberg, the attorney representing Santos-Hunter, according to the Daily News. “But Benelia felt trapped, she had to put up with Filner to keep her job.”

This latest suit adds to Filner’s legal troubles. On Wednesday of this week, Filner was deposed for another sexual harassment suit filed by another City Hall employee Mission Bay Park District Manager Stacy McKenzie.

McKenzie accused the ex-Mayor of putting her in his infamous “Filner headlock,” where her would put his hands around women’s necks, hold them there and touch their breasts. He repeated this behavior that the women he worked with gave it a nickname.

Filner’s treatment of McKenzie resulted in one charged of false imprisonment and two counts of misdemeanor sexual battery, which he pleaded guilty to last December. As a result of his conviction, Filner was placed on house arrest, ordered to get counseling and is forbidden from seeking public office ever again.

Last summer, the city of San Diego settled a sexual harassment suit filed by Filner’s former press secretary Irene Jackson-McCormack for $250,000, who said Filner tried to kiss her, grab her and once suggested she not wear panties to work.

Many of the women Filner sexually harassed didn’t work for the city so they have not filed formal civil suits, but by coming forward, the managed to oust the pervy Mayor. Out of his 20 accusers, only three have pursed civil action against him, of which the city must pay if the court decides in their favor.

Abuse of power is a common in the many of the cases sexual harassment attorneys take. Subordinate employees make great targets since they often refuse to file formal complaints for fear of retaliation.