Former Santa Cruz Mayor Emily Reilly has been sued for sexual harassment and retaliation by a former employee of Emily’s Bakery. Also named as defendants in the suit filed by Savanna Halliwell’s sexual harassment attorney is the former mayor’s husband, Robert Nahas. According to a report by, Reilly and Nahas co-own the Santa Cruz bakery that is also known as Emily’s Good Things To Eat.

Not impressive behavior Robert Nahas

According the lawsuit, Halliwell was employed as a manager of the bakery. During her tenure, she claims to have been sexually harassed by Nahas. The co-owner is alleged to have frequently demanded Halliwell to hug him and took the opportunity to grope her body. She also claims he passed explicit sexual comments and made sexual advances on several occasions. The plaintiff claims that Nahas went as far as licking her coffee cup and sniffing her personal belongings. He also discussed his sex life and questioned Halliwell about hers.

Halliwell alleges that Reilly failed to take any measures to stop the harassment after she complained. They retaliated by stripping her of office privileges and managerial duties. Halliwell’s sexual harassment attorney said she was proud to represent a client who is determined to stand up for her rights.

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Former employees file sexual harassment lawsuit against Metairie practice

Norma Mahler and Tiffany Roberts Schacherl of Metairie, former employees of a Metairie practice have filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against a doctor. The lawsuit filed in the US District Court Eastern District of Louisiana names Dr. Stephen E. Metzinger and Aesthetic Surgical Associates as the defendants. The two employees had earlier filed a complaint with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, who subsequently gave them the right to file a lawsuit, as reported by Louisiana Record.

According to the lawsuit, both the plaintiffs were subjected to unwanted requests for sexual favors and sexual advances by Metzinger throughout their employment. Norma Mahler joined the practice in February 2007 and Schacherl in August 2009. Both claim they were constantly harassed by the doctor who created a hostile working environment. In their lawsuit, the plaintiffs claim Metzinger constantly subjected them to discussions on sexual activities and ask them personal questions about their relationships.


He is also alleged to have displayed porn videos at work and bullied them with sexual advances, taking advantage of their circumstances as single mothers who were in need of employment. The plaintiffs have appealed for a jury trial and seek damages of over $75,000 in addition to costs.

UCLA sued following allegations of sexual harassment by two doctoral students reports that two graduate students at the University of California at Los Angeles have alleged they were sexually harassed and assaulted by history professor Gabriel Piterberg. The two have filed a lawsuit against the University of California’s Board of Regents in a federal district court.  They could have easily found some salient information on this topic from this site and page right here:

The plaintiffs claim they were discouraged by UCLA officials not to pursue a formal complaint against the professor. They also claim to have been sexually harassed and assaulted by the professor for several years. Nefertiti Takla and Kristen Hillaire Glasgow, claim that Piterberg constantly made lewd comments, spoke about his sex life, and forcibly tried to kiss them on several occasions. UCLA has time until early August to respond to the lawsuit.