Former South Carolina House Member Under the Scanner for Alleged Sexual Harassment

According to House paperwork that was made public earlier this week, ex-South Carolina Representative Nelson Hardwick is under investigation for sexual harassment after a city staffer lodged complaints against him. Also, Hardwick retired after the investigation was completed.

As reported by Herald Online, the investigation was conducted by an independent and private law firm which concluded that the accusations were in fact true to a certain extent at least. The retirement came immediately after the findings of the investigation was announced by the investigating law firm. Furthermore, House speaker Jay Lucas has confirmed that he will be forwarding the report to Attorney General Alan Wilson. Wilson’s office will be in charge of officially prosecuting the 63-year old Republican that comes from Surfside Beach.

House Speaker Jay Lucas addresses letter to accused State Rep

It has also been revealed that House Speaker Lucas wrote a letter to Hardwick where he explained to Hardwick that such unprofessional behavior would not be condoned and that it left Lucas with no other option but to take action against him. If you are ever in a situation such as this kind you need to utilize USAttorneys.com since this site is topped off with brilliant local sexual harassment attorneys. You will one of them that can handle your case if your case is genuine.

Prosecuting attorneys are expected to use all of the evidence that has been uncovered by the independent law firm that ran the probe. Lucas’ letter also instructed Hardwick to refrain from attempting to contact his victim in any manner or form. The letter and other documents were all released under a public records request.

Hardwick’s sexual harassment attorney has responded by denying all of the allegations that have been made against Hardwick. She also made it clear that the House had erred by releasing the sensitive letters to the public even though Hardwick had not been legally convicted. The defense also claimed that the allegations were made by a woman who was just trying to make some easy money.

Furthermore, she added that it won’t be too long before everyone can clearly see that Hardwick is completely innocent and that his resignation was only an impulsive decision and should not be perceived as an admission of guilt on his part.

Former life alert employee sues for sexual harassment

Leon Hayblum has filed a lawsuit against his former employers in the New York State Court located in Manhattan. The lawsuit alleges that Life Alert Emergency Response Inc wrongfully fired Hayblum after he was diagnosed with cancer. Hayblum has also accused the company of failing to prevent rampant sexual harassment in its office in Manhattan. The lawsuit seeks $7 million in damages and also claims that Hayblum was fired just because of his age and the fact that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, as per a Reuters report. Hayblum was 71 years old when he was removed from his position which he had held for 12 years previously.

Age discrimination too!

The company makes devices that old or differently abled people can wear, which allows them to make distress calls in cases where they have fallen down and cannot get back up or need some other sort of emergency assistance. The lawsuit specifically blames the General Manager and claims that Hayblum had seen the manager sexually harass female employees on several occasions. But why do you deserve $7 million?