Dallas, TX- Remember those picture of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones groping the breasts of a much younger blonde woman? Well, it appears that on the night of those photos were taken, Jones allegedly assaulted one of the three women present for the romp in an unnamed five star hotel and is now facing a sexual harassment suit.

The photos were leaked last week by man present that night which one of the women allege Jones took friskiness to the level of sexual assault. One of the women present Jana Weckerly, who was not featured in the leaked photos which caught Jones and two other women in some sexually compromising positions.

In the 11 page lawsuit, published by Deadspin, Jana Weckerly, 27, alleges Jones sexually assaulted her and subjected her to a litany of lascivious behaviors. The 71 year-old married man allegedly groped Weckerly’s breast and buttocks repeatedly without her consent, forced her to watch while another woman performed oral sex on him, and

Weckerly’s lawsuit alleges Jones forced her to touch his penis and penetrated her vagina with his fingers without her consent.

The accusations aren’t exclusive to Jones, the lawsuit accuses the Cowboys of negligence and failing to protect the Weckerly from Jones’ “dangerous sexual proclivities.” In the suit, Weckerly alleges the Cowboys failed to investigate her claims, report the assault to police and used threats to keep her silent. She was allegedly forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

According to Dallas News, the court sealed the documents related to the case late Tuesday—the power of the Cowboys! And Jones vehemently denies the allegations.

In a statement to Dallas News, Levi McCathern II, Jones’ attorney said, “These allegations are completely false. The legal complaint is unsupported by facts or evidence of any kind.”

McCathern characterized the lawsuit as an attempt to “embarrass and extort” Jones and characterize it as a “money grab,” adding the alleged incidents occurred five years ago.  The attorney vowed to aggressively fight the charged against Jones.

Weckerly’s attorney, Thomas Bowers said the incident caused his client extreme emotional distress and she is seeking $1 million in punitive damages.

The NFL had no comment about the lawsuit which emerged one day after the video of Ravens player Ray Rice punching his wife in the face in an elevator in an Atlantic City casino. The league is still on damage control mode over the Rice domestic violence fiasco, so they haven’t addressed the sexual harassment suit against Jones, and they might not.

Sexual harassment is often about power and that power makes it easier for a person to get away with inappropriate behavior. People are willing to turn a blind eye to harassment if the perpetration is of high esteem with deep pockets. The victims need someone on their side who is not afraid to stand up to an individual with power, they need an accomplished sexual harassment attorney to protect their rights and give them the strength to face their harasser.