Dayton, OH- A theology professor who once served as a U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican has been accused of sexually harassing a married couple who were fellow professors at University of Dayton.

According to a story in, Miguel H. Diaz, who served as U.S. ambassador between 2009 and 2012, was accused of engaging in inappropriate conduct and will be leaving his position at University of Dayton to take a faculty position at Loyola University in Chicago this July.

InsideHigherEd obtained a copy of a letter from the provost of University of Dayton, Joseph E. Saliba, in which he details the allegations against Diaz.

According the allegations, which surfaced last June, Diaz made sexual comments to a married couple who are humanities professors at the University of Dayton. Diaz allegedly expressed his sexual desires for the couple, insinuating that he wanted to have an adulterous affair with both the man and the woman. The letter also alleges Diaz, a Catholic theologian and married father of four, made sexual advances towards other faculty members at the University of Dayton, reported.

An investigation by an outside attorney found there was “reasonable cause to believe that some of [Díaz’s] conduct constituted sexual harassment that created an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment,” the letter states. These conclusions were made after the couple was interviewed by investigators and an independent medical expert.

Diaz was warned that if he engaged in further inappropriate behavior, he would be fired. The letter stated, “Dr. Diaz is to refrain from discussing – in any personal, one-on-one, private or otherwise intimate way – matters of a sexual nature with any university student, anyone employed by the university who has a position of less influence or stature than Dr. Díaz, or any other invitee to the university (other than his immediate family).”

In an emailed statement, University of Dayton, spokeswoman Teri Rivzi declined to comment about the allegations and further stated the university “complies fully with Title IX, investigates promptly and thoroughly all complaints and takes appropriate remedial action.” Adding, “We do not tolerate sexual discrimination or harassment of any form.”

Rivzi aslo noted that the University of Dayton was not contacted by Loyola University, also a Catholic University, about the allegations.

Loyola University would not comment on the sexual harassment allegations against Diaz only confirming that the signed a contract and is slated to begin on July 1st.

The documents surfaced amidst a conflict between University of Dayton faculty and Provost Saliba.

In this case, the University of Dayton did the right thing by launching an investigation and disciplining Diaz, but not all employers take these steps. In fact many employers ignore such complaints and do nothing to stop the sexual harassment or discipline the offender. In these circumstances, the victims of the harassment have no other choice than retaining a sexual harassment attorney to put an end to their abuse and seek compensation for their pain and suffering.