Former American Apparel CEO Dov Charney has opened up publicly for the first time since his ouster from the company. Charney founded American Apparel back in 1989 while the company soon shot to popularity as a brand that manufactured clothing only in the US and paid their employee’s much more than the industry standard.

Charney and his company were often criticized for the provocative nature of some of their marketing campaigns. A lot of people complained that the girls in the ads were too young and said that the ads were too raunchy.

Pushing boundaries is what caused Charney’s rise to success and also his downfall. He was sued for sexual harassment, by his own admission, maybe a dozen times. He said that none of these allegations were ever proven and he even called some of the claims made against him “crap”. Charney would not discuss details of some of the cases because his sexual harassment attorney had told him they were to remain confidential.

Even through all of this speculation that was tarnishing his reputation, Charney managed to keep his career afloat at American Apparel, but was eventually discharged by the company in December of 2014. Violation of sexual harassment rules, misuse of company assets, and violation of the discrimination policy were some of the reasons cited by the company to justify his firing.

I intend to take control of the company again – Dov Charney

Charney says he plans to take control of the garment company once again and is plotting his comeback. Despite his oddball behavior, there are many current and former employee’s that feel he is the man for the job. They claim he is the company’s only chance of making a financial turnaround. However, the current CEO of American Apparel, Paula Schneider, in a statement she issued, made it abundantly clear that Charney is banned from the facility and there is simply no chance of him ever being a part of the company again.

Charney – just retire! Go buy an ATV and have some fun!

So far, Charney and his sexual harassment attorney have been able to ward off all the allegations made against him. These legal victories have left the former CEO feeling positive about his chances of a comeback.

Not long after his dismissal, a video of Charney walking around naked in an apartment in New York City started doing the rounds on the Internet, Charney claims that this video was intentionally released by the company to harm his reputation further.

Sexual harassment still a problem in this day and age

We are all well aware of the stick feminists get these days. They are told to pipe down because the world is dealing with more serious issues than gender inequality. is contributing its two cents by compiling a comprehensive list of sexual harassment attorneys across the nation. Some of us may even subscribe to the notion that the issue has been blown out of proportion and is receiving way more attention than it deserves.

With that being said, the fact of the matter is that women everywhere, from the most conservative countries to the most liberal ones, are constantly faced with daily horrors even in this modern era. Not every incident ends in rape but every incident certainly has the potential of progressing to rape. The problem still exists in 2015 and it is not likely to go away unless we keep talking about it.

America does not protect woman enough

But sticking up for woman does not mean businesses should be regulated in terms of forcing them to hire people just based on sex and telling businesses what they should pay their people. Regulations kill jobs, just see what Obamacare and Sarbanes/Oxley is doing to business. In terms of the mistreatment of woman in North Africa, talking about it is one thing, doing something about it is another. Those groups kidnapping girls and young woman cannot be negotiated with, destroying them is the only solution. Thus far, America is all talk about protecting woman in North Africa and no action.