A former administrator of Rochester Career Mentoring Charter School has filed a lawsuit against the school’s founder Dennis Francione, as reported by democratandchronicle.com.

In the lawsuit, Jennifer Bulling, a former executive director of operations and finance, alleged that the founder passed lewd comments and then forced her to quit after she filed a complaint with the board of trustees. Leading sexual harassment lawyers in Bronx, NY point out that depending on evidence this is a typical case of quid pro quo harassment.

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The New York State Division of Human Rights who initially investigated the allegations, believe there was probable cause for discrimination. The lawsuit alleges that Francione retaliated against Bulling after she complained to the school’s board of trustees. She claims that the sexual harassment and discrimination began back in April 2014.

The defendant supposedly told her that he only hired pretty girls and that she could not focus on her work because her legs were open for her boyfriend. She only complained to the board of trustees in June 2014 when she was temporarily suspended from work without any prior disciplinary actions. Bulling also alleges that the school failed to take any action despite her complaint.

The lawsuit also claims that Francione retaliated against Bulling by doing away with her position, thereby creating an awkward situation which ultimately forced her to resign. Bulling seeks compensation for damages including lost wages, which New York sexual harassment attorneys is any individual’s right to do so in such situations, depending on evidence.

Incidentally, according to state data, Rochester Career Mentoring Charter School, which was established in 2012, has had over half of its teaching staff leave in 2014-15. It must not be a wonderful place to work. As many as one in five students were suspended during that period.


Long Island Teachers File Sexually Harassment Lawsuit against Supervisor

Two Long Island teachers have filed a lawsuit in a Brooklyn federal court alleging that they were harassed by a sex-crazed supervisor. According to nypost.com, the two teachers, John Brenan and Alphonso Daddino, claim the higher authorities at Valley Stream North High School failed to address their complaints. The teachers allege they were victimized since 2010 by Cecilia Sanossian, their department head.

In their lawsuit, the plaintiffs claim that Sanossian, who is incidentally married, passed lewd comments and on top of this gave them shoulder massages which made them feel uncomfortable. They also allege that the defendant said she gave the “best head” and had even broken a rib while having sex. Bronx sexual harassment lawyers realize this is not the best place to work. Someone is not being professional and honest here.

The department head is also alleged to have told the men that the social studies department in which they worked had the “most male MILFs”. Both Daddino and Brennan had filed similar claims last year with the state Division of Human Rights along with 8 other teachers. However, the administrators deemed that their allegations were unsubstantiated.

In her defense, Sanossian claims that the men were only trying to destroy her reputation and has filed counter lawsuits against both Brenan and Daddino. Sanossian’s sexual harassment defense attorney said that they were only trying to cover up for sexually harassing his client and that they were prepared for a court battle when they are served papers.

It is two verse one though. Do Brenan and Daddino have other witnesses? For them to go after Cecilia Sanossian like this they must have had other problems with her as well. You should not be giving shoulder massages at work.

Meanwhile, if you believe you are a victim of any form of harassment or discrimination, make sure to reach out to a New York sexual harassment lawyer as soon as possible. It is the best way to protect your rights.

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