Four important questions about sexual harassment lawsuits in Coppell

Coppell, TX – While sexual harassment is a problem that workplaces should handle through education, training, and protecting workers, it is also misunderstood at times as well. It can be helpful for workers to get an overview of how harassment laws work to protect themselves and get legal assistance when necessary. 

Labor attorneys near me can give more details about these issues and advice regarding whether a lawsuit is necessary. 

Is the act of sex necessary for a sexual harassment lawsuit?

Most sexual harassment lawsuits involve facts related to the ways in which a person is mistreated due to their gender or sex in the workplace. If a person is assaulted or forced to engage in sexual acts, this may also implicate criminal laws against sexual assault. In some of these cases it is possible that there can be both criminal charges against the person responsible and civil sexual harassment lawsuits against the employer if there is physical conduct involved.    

What is the difference between workplace disputes and sexual harassment?

There are many kinds of arguments and disputes that can happen in a workplace, but sexual harassment has a specific legal definition. There are two basic ways that harassment happens. The first is quid pro quo harassment, where a worker’s boss or supervisor requests some kind of sexual conduct, often accompanied by threats that the person must comply to retain their job or receive other benefits. The second type of sexual harassment is a hostile work environment. This is when a person is consistently mistreated by others to the point that it affects their ability to work. This mistreatment can come from coworkers, supervisors, or even customers or clients. 

What type of acts are considered sexual harassment?

Many instances of sexual harassment involve only verbal conduct. This can include various types of inappropriate sexual advances, humor based on sex or gender, or requests for sexual actions. Things like unwanted physical touching can also be considered legally actionable sexual harassment. In most cases, if a person says the discussion makes them uncomfortable, the employer should ensure that the behavior in question stops to avoid liability.   

Does the gender of the victim matter?

Laws that protect people from sexual harassment protect people of all genders. Many cases of sexual harassment involve a male boss abusing female subordinates, but scenarios of harassment can involve any gender as the victim or the person responsible for the harassment. 

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