Four ways to report sexual harassment at work in Leander

Leander, TX – Sexual harassment can put victims in a difficult situation, as not everyone who is harassed at work feels confident relaying their story and they can fear retaliation from their employer. Even though retaliation is illegal, this is one of the main reasons why much harassment goes unreported. 

Anytime after harassment happens, the victim can choose to speak with a lawyer and get specific advice regarding how they should proceed and whether filing a lawsuit is necessary. 

Directly to the employer’s designated person or department

In most cases, it is best for the person who was harassed to go directly to their human resources department or another individual who is designated to receive complaints. They can relay their information regarding what happened, and they can also provide a formal report along with any other statements about the conduct in question. 

Going to law enforcement

In situations where the victim was assaulted or the person responsible may have committed criminal acts of harassment involving physical contact, it is best to notify the local police. They can conduct their own investigation and see if the person named needs to be charged criminally. Even if this investigation does not result in criminal charges, the person or their employer can still face a civil lawsuit.

Third party reports

The victim does not always need to be the one to report harassment directly. Another worker can notify human resources or another relevant party at the company on the victim’s behalf if they do not want to report the harassment on their own. The employer should be able to investigate the claim in the same manner and attempt to find a resolution regardless of which particular worker did the reporting. 

Reporting to a labor agency

The state of Texas has resources related to sexual harassment available through the Texas Workforce Commission. At the federal level, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission can also accept complaints against employers related to sexual harassment. Victims can attempt to go through the complaint process with a government agency on their own, although legal advice and assistance is recommended if the person plans on reporting to the government, as a lawsuit can also be necessary based on the findings of the agency. 

Sexual harassment attorneys in Texas

Moore and Associates is a labor law firm that works with clients in the area of Leander and other parts of Texas. Their attorneys focus on issues related to unpaid wages, overtime law, discrimination, and sexual harassment

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