White Plains, NY– Months after paying $45 million to settle sexual harassment allegations, there is a possibility that cable’s notorious right-leaning Fox News is under investigation by New York’s Human Rights Division.

Fox News Possibly Under Investigation by New York Human Rights Division

On Monday, Lisa Bloom, the attorney representing Wendy Walsh, a former Fox News employee who accused Bill O’Reilly of sexual harassment. In a tweet, Bloom said: “I’ve just learned NY SDHR is investigating our complaint of harassment and discrimination at Fox News.”

The NY SDHR has the power to impose fines and enforce reforms if an investigation reveals they ignored allegations of sexual harassment. Jezebel reports that the agency has already spoken to two of
Bloom’s clients.

According to Variety, neither Fox News or the Division of Human Rights responded to their request for a comment.

The sexual harassment scandal at Fox News results in some high-profile departures. Roger Ailes was forced to resign and hosts Gretchen Carlson, and Megyn Kelly left over the station’s failure to address their complaints.

Fox News had paid out $45 million to settle sexual harassment allegations from various female employees.

Fox’s Huge Mistake

Fox News is in their current predicament because they failed to address repeated complaints of sexual harassment they received from female employees include hosts like Gretchen Carlson. The television station made a mistake, and it is the same one that so many employers make. Consequently, the station has so far paid $45 million in sexual harassment settlements.

Federal law requires employers to address any allegations of workplace discrimination and sexual harassment. An employer who fails to take an allegation seriously or refuses to address workplace misconduct could be hit with a civil suit and face fines for violating state and federal law. Even if they doubt accusations, an employer must investigate any claims they receive to determine if they are legitimate. If the claims are legitimate, the misconduct needs to be disciplined appropriately.

Another mistake employers make is to retaliate against the reporting employee. Retaliation includes a range of behaviors including threats of termination or demotion. Most of the complaints received by the EEOC involve retaliation because it is much easier to prove.

Consult with a Sexual Harassment Lawyer in New York

No employee should be subjected to harassment or discrimination in the workplace, but too many employers let troubling incidents slide. If you are the victim of hostile behaviors in the workplace, you don’t have to tolerate the abuse, but if you are unsure how to put an end to it, you can ask a sexual harassment lawyer in White Plains.

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