New York, NY– If you watch Fox News, you get the impression that all is peachy-keen at the network, but there is chaos behind the scenes, and now the network is dealing with the latest of several sexual harassment cases that have plagued the news network over the past year.

Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Fox Sports

Last week, Fox Sports, based in Los Angeles, abruptly let the head of programming go, a move that seemed controversial at first.  A week after announcing they were letting Jaimie Horowitz go, reports surfaced that network began investigating the Sports Division after receiving complaints about sexual harassment.

A source told the Los Angeles Times that several women in the Sports division accused Horowitz of sexual harassment. The accusers include on-air personalities and women working behind the scenes, but the attorney representing

“Mr. Horowitz’s termination was fully warranted, and his lawyer’s accusations are ill-informed and misguided,” Daniel Petrocelli, a lawyer representing Fox Sports told the Los Angeles Times.

So far, the Fox News network has paid millions and millions to settle sexual harassment allegations against the network head, Roger Ailes, who is now deceased, anchor Bill O’Reilly, Bill Shine, one of the network’s presidents and other executives at the network.

In late June of this year, reports surfaced that the New York Human Rights Commission launched an investigation into Fox News after the network settled several high-profile sexual harassment complaints. Neither Fox News nor the NYHRC.

Repeated and Pervasive Sexual Harassment

Fox News and affiliates seemed to create a culture where sexual harassment is accepted and goes unaddressed. Because they never took allegations seriously, the created an atmosphere where inappropriate sexual behavior was acceptable and became pervasive. An employer who doesn’t take an allegation seriously is putting themselves in danger of being subjected to civil action. They must address all claims and take corrective action when necessary.

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