Detroit, MI– Gretchen Carlson, long-time Fox News host, filed a bombshell lawsuit in which she accuses her boss at Fox News, Roger Ailes, of sexual harassment and retaliation. Carlson, who has been a mainstay on their morning show “Fox & Friends,” also accused co-host Steve Doocy of being sexist.

In her lawsuit, which can be read in its entirety on Gawker, Carlson alleges that she was fired from the network on June 23, 2016, after she complained about the treatment she received from him and one of her co-hosts. The suit claims that Ailes fired Carlson in retaliation for refusing his sexual advances. Ailes allegedly told Carlson that she could have avoided mistreatment if she had just agreed to have a sexual relationship with him.

Carlson’s complaint describes a meeting she had with Ailes that took place nine months ago in which she discussed the discrimination that she faced. Ailes allegedly told Carlson, “I think we should have had sex a long time ago and then you’d be good and better and I’d be good and better.”

Carlson’s lawsuit also alleges that her co-host on “Fox & Friends” Steve Doocy created a hostile work environment by treating her is a sexist manner. According to the lawsuit, he mocked her during commercial breaks, belittled her “contributions to the show,” and “generally attempting to put her in her place by refusing to accept her as an intelligent and insightful female journalist rather than a blond female prop.”

In a statement to ABC News, Ailes denied Carlson’s allegations.

The Huffington Post reports that Carlson is not the only woman to accuse Ailes of sexual harassment. In the hours after news of Carlson’s lawsuit broke, other women have come forward to detail the sexual harassment they faced at the hands, Ailes. Some news agencies are reporting that at least ten women have come forward thus far and accuse of Ailes of sexual harassment.

Like so many women, Carlson endured sexual harassment at the hands of Ailes and Doocy for years. She also refrained from coming forward for reasons only she knows, though the common reason women (and men) give for not reporting sexual harassment is retaliation.

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