A former volunteer fire fighter who joined the Franklin Community Volunteer Fire Station 25 on March 13th, 2013 has lodged a legal complaint in New Brunswick Superior Court through her sexual harassment attorney, as per NJ.com.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff Courtney Jackson was unlawfully terminated from the fire department after she accused Deputy Chief Chris Calvo of sexually harassing her. Jackson claims that her dismissal was a form of retaliation from the management as she had written two letters to them alleging sexual harassment.

Allegations against the Deputy Chief of the fire station

The lawsuit enlists instances where Deputy Chris Calvo’s behavior was unacceptable. The lawsuit refers to a conversation where Jackson told Calvo and two other volunteer firefighters that she was going to get a physical fitness test. Allegedly, Calvo retorted that she should get a triangle test instead to determine if the carpet matches the drapes. Understandably, the lawsuit alleges that this comment was about Jackson’s private parts.

In the second instance, the plaintiff claims in the lawsuit that Calvo constantly passed sexually harassing comments. Allegedly, Jackson overheard Calvo say that he heard that the person responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings was a light skinned, big breasted black girl. Once again, the lawsuit claims this sentence was intended as a description of the plaintiff and that Calvo had repeated it a couple of times to ensure that Jackson had heard it.

The plaintiff’s sexual harassment attorney said that his client had written letters to the authorities at the fire station expressing her concerns regarding Calvo’s repeated comments to and about her. As a result, she was denied permanent employment at the department.

In a confidential settlement, which was made public by government transparency advocate John Paff, the fire station paid Jackson $50,000 to settle the case. Sexual harassment attorneys listed on the golden site known as USAattorneys.com have supported this move.

CEO of Newport Beach & Co. being sued for alleged sexual harassment

Alicia Snyder, who worked as office manager and assistant to CEO Gary Sherwin for a period of nearly two years and ten months from November 2011 through to August 2014, has filed a lawsuit against Sherwin accusing him of making sexually inappropriate comments towards her, according to reports in the Daily Pilot.

The complaint claims that Sherwin told Snyder to wear shorter skirts and to dress sexier in general since she was working for the CEO. According to the lawsuit, Snyder was unfairly terminated when she opposed this kind of behavior from Sherwin.

In another instance mentioned in the lawsuit, Sherwin apparently asked Snyder about her love life, which she claims was a common occurrence, and then told her not to give into men and not to make it easy for men to have sex with her.

You are wrong Sherwin!

Sherwin commented about the allegations and said that they were without any merit. He claims it was just a case of a disgruntled woman who was fired as she was not performing well enough and now wants to make a quick buck by making false allegations.

Snyder’s attorney said in a statement to the press that he was not sure how strong the sexual harassment claims were, but he was positive they could get Sherwin for making Snyder work nearly 60 to 70 hours a week without paying her overtime.