A pastor in North Carolina was recently accused of sexual harassment by four women who filed complaints against him. Pastor Jonathan Mills of Kitty Hawk Methodist has been suspended as a result of the accusations for up to 90 days as part of the complaint process the church uses when harassment incidents arise. Church officials have stated that the Bishop’s office in Raleigh, NC is handling the investigation and is “working toward a just resolution with healing and accountability” [Source: Wavy-TV].

The conference communications director Derek Leek issued a statement saying that church officials are working to determine the nature of the alleged behavior as well as whether these allegations “can be substantiated.” The four women who have yet to be identified apparently attend the church where Reverend Mills practices at. So far, no criminal complaints have been filed against Mills.

The news source attempted to reach out to the reverend in an attempt to obtain a statement regarding the alleged incidents, however, they were told that during this time while the sexual harassment complaints are being investigated, Mills is not permitted to discuss the matter with anyone.

Four Women are Accusing an Oscar-Winning Filmmaker of Sexual Misconduct

In other news, four women have come forward accusing Oscar-winning filmmaker Paul Haggis of sexual misconduct. A civil lawsuit that was filed by one publicist accused Haggis of rape which has prompted three other women to come forward with their accusations. One of the women, who also happens to be a publicist, says that “he forced her to perform oral sex, then raped her [Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette].

Haggis was also accused by another one of the women of attempting to sexually assault her. She stated that he told her “I need to be inside you,” yet she managed to run away before anything further happened. Aside from that, Haggis allegedly held another woman down, forcibly kissed her on a street corner, and then followed her into a taxi. She too managed to escape “his clutches.”

While Haggis has been accused of some pretty serious crimes, he believes the lawsuit filed was done as a form of extortion. The woman, who was represented by a sexual harassment attorney, demanded that Haggis pay $9 million to avoid any further legal action, however, he has denied the allegations being pinned against him. Because the allegations are more than just a form of harassment, he could be looking at spending time in jail if it can be proven that he raped these women. Hopefully, he is being represented by a criminal defense attorney as things aren’t looking very “bright” for the filmmaker.

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