Sexual harassment remains a type of sex discrimination, violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Title VII is applicable to organizations with 15 or more employees. This includes local, state, and federal governments, employment agencies, and labor organizations.

Undesirable sexual advances, seeking sexual favors, physical and verbal conduct of a sexual nature comprising of sexual harassment when such conduct wholly or explicitly affects a person’s employment, unfairly interfering with a person’s performance at work, or creates a hostile, offensive and intimidating work environment…these are instances of sexual harassment and New Jersey sexual harassment lawyers are ready to pounce on anyone who crosses that sexual harassment red line.

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Preventing sexual harassment at the workplace

All victims of sexual harassment are offered various options, in case of sexual harassment cases cannot be solved by via internal channels. Here are some methods than can resolve sexual harassment cases:

  • To file a complaint either with the FEP or EEOC agency in your native state
  • To file a tort suit to avail personal injury damages carried out by harassers
  • To file your own private lawsuit against your harassers

Action to be taken if you are being sexually harassed

According to New Jersey sexual harassment lawyers, in case you are sexually harassed in your workplace, several channels are open to end that harassment as also for your harasser to be punished. One way to end sexual harassment at the workplace is for you to speak out against it. Tell your harasser that you want to bring this sexual harassment to a close, that you do not appreciate this behavior, and that you are affecting my work and attitude by treating me this way.

If this does not work you need to see their supervisor without letting them know you are going to do so.

Many companies have their own internal methods of dealing with any reported sexual harassment that includes communicating with an official of the company’s human resources department. If there is no such official to complain to, talking with your supervisor(s) can be another means of dealing with sexual harassment.

Documenting the incidents

It is always crucial to document all your claims of sexual harassment with sufficient quantity of evidence. This evidence should be about the harassment you are subjected to such as notes, emails, and recorded messages, as also any witnessed incidents. Apart from these, documenting the times, occasions, form of sexual harassment, and incidents where you requested the harasser to stop harassing you is essential. Your New Jersey sexual harassment attorney will want to see this information too.

In case all the internal channels available to you are inadequate in putting an end to the sexual harassment, your next option is for you to approach the local fair employment office or the nearest branch of the EEOC. Once you file your sexual harassment cases with the EEOC, it will initiate an active investigation to verify your claims.

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If the EEOC investigation fails to bring about any favorable results, you have every right to file a lawsuit against the harasser as well as your employer, under the terms of the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. To do so, you are required to consult with the appropriate federal agency first, such as the EEOC, and file your claim with them. Besides, there are definite statutes of limitations for the filing of your sexual harassment complaint; unless your case does not meet these limitations, it can hinder any possibility of suing in the future.

By now, you must have realized the complexities of filing for a sexual harassment case. Under the circumstances your only recourse is to meet a New Jersey sexual harassment lawyer. Instead of remaining hurt and bewildered by all the harassment you were subjected to, hire a marvelous and competent sexual harassment lawyer right away.