Papa Johns, the global pizza franchise, has come under the scanner for sexual harassment after one of its Galveston County branches’ female employees has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the pizza chain and her superior, as reported by

In the lawsuit, the woman’s sexual harassment attorney has outlined that she was subjected to unwanted physical touching, lewd sexual comments, and other forms of sexual harassment. Furthermore, the lawsuit alleges that when she spoke up about the harassment, instead of being taken care of, she was fired as retaliation. The plaintiff in the case is Alize Shannon and the allegations are specifically against co-defendant and general manager of the franchise Carlos Velez.

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General Manager was trying to solicit sex from female staff member

Supposedly, it all began one day when Velez offered to drive Shannon from the store to her destination. While in the car, he started with lewd sexual comments and eventually asked her for sex. Even though she turned him down, Velez could not take a hint and kept pestering her for sex for months afterwards. He only stopped when Shannon finally had had enough and reported his behavior to human resources.

The lawsuit claims that after being turned down time and again and having his lewd behavior exposed, Velez angrily and loudly fired Shannon one fine day. The reason for her firing according to him was because she had gotten herself some food from a nearby Popeye’s even though Papa John employees were not given time outs for meals and they were supposed to eat on the clock. The lawsuit says that this was not the reason he fired her but was just an excuse and that he wanted to fire her to get back at her for reporting his sexual advances towards her. The filing seeks damages and a jury based trial.

Illinois based corporation sued for harassment, discrimination, and breach of contractual terms

A sexual harassment attorney representing plaintiff Shutasica Irby has filed a lawsuit against Kay and Associates Inc. based in the State of Illinois, according to The legal complaint lodged in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana was filed on the 13th of July.


Supposedly, the plaintiff worked for Kay and Associates as a supply technician and she was given a contract which entailed that Kay and Associates would not have the right to terminate her services during the period for which the contract was in effect (fall 2014 – October end 2015).

The incident which led to Irby’s termination may seem trivial but for Irby it was a matter of principal. She says she had witnessed a staff sergeant (while she was deployed for work at a naval air base in New Orleans) cat-calling and whistling to get the attention of a female co-worker which is just pathetic behavior and should be outlawed. Supposedly another witness had condoned the behavior by saying it was harmless flirting. Irby did not like this attitude and reprimanded stating that it was not harmless and could lead to serious harassment.

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The lawsuit alleges that she was unfairly terminated for speaking up against the incident and such behavior in general.