San Diego, CA- As a gay Republican congressional candidate in San Diego, Carl DeMaio is supposed to serve as the face of a new, more tolerant and inclusive GOP, but accusations of sexual harassment could derail his campaign just weeks before the November elections.

Last week, DeMaio’s former campaign policy director, Todd Bosnich, alleged in a radio interview, which never aired, that his former boss masturbated in front of him and subjected him to sexual harassment.

According to CNN, Bosnich alleges that when he was alone with DeMaio, the former city councilman would make unwanted advances along with groping and kissing him. On one occasion early in his employment, Bosnich said he went out for drinks with DeMaio and some coworkers and asked his boss for a ride home. Bosnich alleges that upon arriving at his home, DeMaio boldly reached over into his lap and grabbed his penis, according to CNN.

After that Bosnich says the sexual harassment got progressively worse.

On a different occasion Bosnich also alleges that while he was alone with DeMaio at their campaign headquarters, he was called to his office where DeMaio was allegedly siting at his desk and masturbating.

“I saw his hand, his penis in his hand and he had a smile on his face. And as soon as I came over he was looking at me,” Bosnich said according to CNN.

Bosnich took the appropriate steps to stop DeMaio’s behavior, but his complaints were blown off. He said he reported incidents to DeMaio’s campaign manager, who told Bosnich that that was just the way DeMaio is.

Bosnich alleges he was fired after he confronted DeMaio about his inappropriate behavior, but not without offering to buy his silence. CNN reported that Bosnich was offered $50,000 and position on the county Republican part in exchange for his silence and non-disclosure agreement.

For his part DeMaio denied the allegations, accusing Bosnich of lying, telling CNN that his former employee is “clearly troubled” and is just trying to deflect from the fact that he damaged the campaign by being a plagiarist and the “prime suspect” for a break-in at his campaign office.

Bosnich hasn’t filed a lawsuit at this time.

This is the second time in two years, San Diego has been rocked by a sexual harassment scandal. The city recently settled another sexual harassment case filed against former Mayor, Bob Filner who was accused of harassing nearly 20 women. Filner was disgraced and slapped with criminal charges, then the city shelled out hundreds of thousands of dollars to settle with his victims.

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