Gender based discrimination is often a form of sexual harassment in Houston workplaces

Houston, TX – There are various kinds of workplace discrimination and harassment that are legally actionable, even if the distinctions between these kinds of behavior are not always clear. Gender based discrimination and sexual harassment have many similar aspects, and a victim will often be able to make claims that overlap into both areas. In any situation, it is always best for the victim to retain their own employment lawyer and decide what course of action is best after receiving legal advice. 

Defining gender based harassment

As a general matter, any adverse decisions made on the basis of a person’s gender can be a civil rights issue or form of discrimination. This illegal activity does not require certain genders of the person responsible for the discrimination and the victim, as any gender can be responsible for discrimination against a victim of any gender.  

Sexual harassment has much overlap with gender discrimination, as a worker is often mistreated, demoted, or terminated based on issues related to their gender and treatment from others that is intertwined with their gender. 

Any questionable conduct should be reported to the employer and discussed with an attorney, as civil rights laws provide various forms of protection against harassment and discrimination. 

Gender based pay discrepancies

An important aspect of gender based discrimination is related to differences or changes in pay based on a person’s gender. Companies are not allowed to use gender, sexual orientation, and related factors in their decisions to increase or reduce pay, or even for various other bonuses and incentives. There are also situations where a victim’s pay is changed as a form of retaliation for reporting sexual harassment, and supervisors have been known to do things like give negative performance reviews as a pretext for covering up this kind of behavior. 

Mistreatment of pregnant workers

When a pregnant worker is mistreated or terminated from their position, this is usually both a form of gender discrimination and sexual harassment. This status is protected under the law, along with various other related matters such as family leave and maternity leave. Decisions about hiring or refusing to hire a worker cannot be based on the fact that an applicant is pregnant at the time of their interview or application. Legitimate medical conditions related to pregnancy also may not be used in making adverse decisions about the worker’s employment.  

Getting more information from a labor and employment firm

There are law firms who help clients with workplace discrimination and other related labor and employment issues in the Houston area. Moore and Associates is available to help local clients with these matters and provide guidance during the process of a lawsuit. 

Firm contact info:

Moore & Associates 

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