Victims of sexual harassment have always been encouraged to come forward with their complaints so that the person who committed the alleged act can be recognized for their wrongdoing. For years, many were fearful to do so but the #metoo movement has emboldened women and men to both speak out on their accounts to make society aware of just how large the issue really is. Although we have come a long way with how cases of sexual harassment are handled, there is still a serious issue that needs to be addressed, and that is that many cases involving sexual harassment are simply thrown out or the victim never is given a chance to present their case to a jury.

Among all the lawsuits and complaints that are submitted, very few reach a settlement or resolution. In fact,  Channel 2 Action News highlighted that a study revealed that more judges are tossing out sexual harassment cases in Georgia than any other court in the nation.” The source requested sexual harassment lawsuits and complaints from DeKalb and Fulton counties in 2016 and 2017 to see how these cases were being handled and many of them never made it past a judge and in front of a jury.

After the source combed through some of these records they received, they also saw that DeKalb faced three sexual harassment lawsuits in 2016 and 2017, two of which that were still pending. The county also had five sexual harassment complaints in that same timeframe of which two were valid and two that were pending. Fulton County, on the other hand, was faced with two lawsuits, one which was settled for $82,000, and 21 complaints of which only six were valid.

Obviously, not every case is going to be valid but if the state is not giving these cases the attention they need, they may be overlooking true cries for help.

The source also spoke with Janaya Davis who is a retired DeKalb County firefighter. She was a victim of sexual harassment and believes her perpetrator was not penalized in the manner he should have been, similar to how many of these cases are currently being handled by the state. Davis told Channel 2 Action News that one night when she was working at a fire station in Chamblee, she was rudely awakened by a co-worker while she was resting. Davis said that she could feel her covers moving and this male co-worker had placed his hand on her buttocks and shoulder. The man had no clothing on except for his underwear.

After reporting the incident to her superior, the man faced no criminal charges and he was still permitted to work with Davis despite the fact that he assaulted her. Eventually, DeKalb County allowed him to resign so that he could go and work somewhere else.

So, although more and more sexual harassment victims are coming forward with their complaints, many of them are still not being handled accordingly. And that is when a Georgia sexual harassment attorney should be brought into the picture. A lawyer who specializes in sexual misconduct is familiar with the laws and how they can be used to benefit a victim. With the right lawyer, a victim stands a chance at getting their case taken seriously and even seeing the perpetrator reap the consequences for their inappropriate actions.

If you or someone you know has been victimized by a sexual harasser and would like to discuss the details of your case with a nearby sexual misconduct lawyer in Georgia, call now.