Government guidance can help workers in Houston tell if harassment is happening

Houston, TX – All workers are entitled to an environment that is free from various forms of conduct that is considered harassment and gender based discrimination. Consistent problems at the workplace which are related to these issues are legally actionable through lawsuits. 

How can a worker be sure they were subjected to illegal conduct? 

The United States government has provided a list of frequently asked questions on the Department of Agriculture website. This is useful for anyone who thinks that they may need legal assistance for ongoing workplace harassment. After reviewing the list, it may be necessary for a victim to contact an attorney to get help if it seems like bona fide harassment is occurring. 

Asking for favors and retaliation

One of the most common forms of harassment is to ask for favors, which may be sexual in nature but not always, in exchange for normal pay and benefits, or things like salary increases that are supposed to be earned through job performance only. According to the government, asking for a favor is harassment if the individual’s continued employment depends on providing some kind of abnormal services to a superior, or if their reaction to these advances is used as a basis for any kind of employment decision. 

Hostile work environments

When someone is constantly a victim of sexual comments, language, and other threatening or vulgar actions, this counts as creating a work environment that fosters harassment. This is especially true if the environment is toxic enough to affect the person’s normal ability to work and complete their job duties. 

Unwelcome conduct

When an employee believes that advances made by another worker or superior are offensive and the victim did nothing to incite such actions, it legally counts as an unwelcome advance that is actionable. 

Victims and perpetrators

It is possible that victims of harassment can be any gender. It is also possible that the person responsible for the harassment can be of any gender as well. Sexual harassment does not always have a specific template regarding who is responsible and who is the victim. 

How often does harassment need to happen to be a serious problem? 

This is a factual matter that needs to be examined on a case by case basis. Something like a superior asking for sexual favors in exchange for a promotion will normally be a clear cut case of harassment, even if it only happened once. Improper comments may rise to the level of harassment if they are consistent and no action is taken to stop the behavior. 

Finding out if a harassment claim against an employer is necessary

There are some law firms that spend all of their time helping workers who were subjected to illegal treatment at their place of employment. Moore and Associates assists their clients with lawsuits and other measures to protect their rights in the Houston area. 

Firm contact info:

Moore & Associates 

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