Governor Cuomo’s Sexual Harassment Allegations Suggest Stunning Hypocrisy

New York is reeling from sexual harassment allegations at the very top of its political structure as Governor Cuomo is being pressured on all fronts to resign. More than ten women have come forward with allegations of sexual harassment against the governor, and one of his top aides has already resigned. What makes these allegations even more stunning is the hypocrisy they appear to highlight in Cuomo’s administration. At the same time these alleged incidents of harassment were taking place, Cuomo was publicly supporting women and survivors of sexual crimes.

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The Allegations Against Cuomo

An independent probe found that Governor Cuomo was creating a “hostile workplace” at the very top of New York’s political structure. More than ten people have issued official complaints of sexual harassment, including current and former members of the executive chamber, State troopers, and other state employees. These individuals apparently interacted frequently with Cuomo directly, not only touching and sexually harassing women, but also threatening at least one individual who attempted to come forward and report him. These women have described the entire situation as “embarrassing” and “humiliating.”

The Hypocrisy is Clear to See

What makes this situation even more stunning is the fact that Cuomo styled himself as a champion of women’s rights and a defender of sexual harassment victims in public. The official website of New York’s government still proudly states that “Governor Cuomo and New York State are leading the nation with new laws to combat sexual harassment in the workplace.” The fact that no one has removed Cuomo’s name from the website is frankly unbelievable. Despite the evidence laid against him, the governor is apparently reluctant to step down from his position.

Cuomo’s administration mandated specialized sexual harassment training for all employers back in 2018, and it also extended the statute of limitations for sexual harassment victims from one year to three years. It seems as though Cuomo himself did not go through the same level of training that he required for everyone else in his state. Or if he did, he ignored all of its lessons.

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