Jason DeMent, a Haddon Township police officer, has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the township and the police chief, according to the Courier-Post. The officer claims he was sexually harassed and also discriminated against because he suffers from Stargardt disease, a degenerative eye condition where vision gradually deteriorates.

In the lawsuit filed by DeMent’s sexual harassment lawyer in the US District Court in Camden, the plaintiff claims that he was retaliated against and suspended because he rejected the sexual advances by the police chief, Mark Cavallo. A 14 year veteran, DeMent has been suspended without pay and his services are likely to be terminated by the end of October. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff claims that he informed Cavallo and the township about his eye condition on June 12th.

Mark Cavallo – what is your problem?

However, he indicated his intention to continue with the force. The plaintiff also claims that he notified them of clinical trials he was in the process of undergoing to alleviate or cure his symptoms, which would require medical leave. However, DeMent says he was barred from returning to work despite the doctor only placing restrictions on driving at night.

In the lawsuit, DeMent claims that Cavallio purposefully created a new policy that permitted only officers injured in the line of duty to be assigned light duty, after he had volunteered to do administrative work, which he was earlier permitted after a shoulder surgery in 2012. The police chief is alleged to have told DeMent that he would not be allowed to work and have the township create the notion that they would accommodate employees with non-work related injuries.


As a pre-emptive measure, the plaintiff claims he was informed of his termination date and was immediately placed on family medical leave when he complained that would seek legal recourse as a victim of discrimination.

Plaintiff alleges constant sexual harassment by police chief

Apart from discrimination, DeMent also mentions several instances of sexual harassment during his tenure in the lawsuit. He alleges that Cavallo would request him to ‘talk dirty’ and run his hands over body in a sexual manner. On several occasions the defendant also sent DeMent inappropriate text messages. The plaintiff therefore alleges that his refusal to comply with Cavallo’s sexual advances led to his termination.

He has asked for compensation for damages, loss of pay, punitive damages, in addition to reinstatement with full benefits. In a statement made through his sexual harassment attorney, DeMent said he did not expect special treatment but was only asking for sufficient time to seek treatment for his eye condition. He claimed to love his job and the township which was why his family relocated there.

However, Haddon Township’s solicitor, Eric Riso, said the lawsuit had no merit and expressed the township’s intention to defend themselves vigorously in the matter.

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Con Edison reaches settlement with 300 female workers following sexual harassment lawsuit

In other sexual harassment news reported by nydailynews.com, Con Edison has agreed to a $3.8 million settlement that stems from a lawsuit filed by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on behalf of female field workers. In the lawsuit, the female workers allege they were sexually harassed and discriminated against when it came to promotion and wages when compared with their male counterparts.

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One of the plaintiffs, Cecelia Borcherding, who worked for Con Edison for over three decades claims she was forced to endure different forms of sexual harassment for years. All the 300 female workers who are part of the lawsuit will be entitled to $5,000 payment from a pool of $1.65 million. The company has also set aside other payments ranging from $30,000 to $150,000 for repeat cases of harassment and gender-based discrimination. Their sexual harassment lawyers are very proud of this result.