If the company you work for is known for throwing an extravagant holiday party, there is a high chance that party might either be canceled or it won’t have all the added extras such as alcohol there that might increase the chance of something inappropriate occurring. Why? According to Business Insider, “a new survey finds that fewer companies are planning to host holiday parties” because of the various sexual harassment scandals that have been reported.

The survey was led by the company Challenger, Gray, and Christmas and it found that “11% of companies will not be hosting a company holiday party this year.” And those who are still revving up with the festivities, it is reported that only about 49% will be serving alcohol which is down from the 62% of companies that served it back in 2016.

The trouble with holiday parties is that many workers never get the chance to relax in their place of employment nor with co-workers. Parties are a time to unwind and kick back. But alcohol is generally known to make things go a little haywire seeing that some go overboard or engage in behavior they normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to display while at work or with colleagues. So, with various sexual misconduct claims coming to light, some employers aren’t willing to take a chance at having their holiday party become the prime location of where a sexual harassment incident occurs.

However, if you are going to a company holiday party where alcohol is expected to be served, Barbara Pachter, who is the author of “The Essentials of Business Etiquette,” mentioned that “getting drunk at an office holiday party is a big no-no.” Pachter mentioned that you should know your limit before the party starts and stick with it. Don’t feel obligated to have another drink just because others may have set a higher limit. Remember, you are still at work and don’t want to put yourself in a compromising situation that could lead to you losing your job.

Business Insider also pointed out some other helpful tips to keep in mind if you plan on going to your company’s Christmas or holiday party.

Things to Avoid Doing at Your Office Holiday Party

  1. Don’t dress inappropriately.
  2. Don’t be antisocial, but don’t try to engage in conversation that might be interpreted differently at a later time.
  3. Avoid getting drunk at all costs.
  4. Don’t gossip or bad mouth your co-workers.
  5. Don’t flirt.
  6. Don’t make a fool of yourself.
  7. Avoid posting photos that could get you into trouble.

While holiday parties are a time to have fun, it is important that you and everyone around you display appropriate behavior and respect others how you would on any other given workday. 

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