63-year old Dr. Rex L. Mahnensmith was forced to resign as medical director of the New Haven Dialysis Clinic after several accusations were made against him repeatedly throughout his career. According to employees, professors, and students at the university, who requested for their identity to be withheld, Yale had asked people to try and work around Mahnensmith and his provocative behavior.

Shockingly, everyone at the university was familiar with his pattern of sexual misconduct but the university had tried to brush the dirt under the carpet and never took any serious disciplinary action against him. Reportedly, despite overwhelming evidence and complaints against Mahnensmith and his sexual misconduct, he was only forced to attend a seminar for sensitivity training and was allowed to continue in his position of authority at the university.

Second sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Yale in less than a year

It was only recently, when his perverted tendencies proved to be incurable, that he was forced to resign from Yale while New Haven Dialysis Clinic fired him. However, Yale University, New Haven Dialysis Clinic, and the doctor himself now face two federal lawsuits. In the first lawsuit, a sexual harassment attorney has filed the legal complaint on behalf of 6 plaintiffs. The second lawsuit also names the same three defendants but has been filed on behalf of only one plaintiff.

The lawsuits, filed in Connecticut, provide details of incidents that date back to over a decade ago.

Yale is not doing its job; Mahnensmith should have been directly warned after the first complaint

Yale University is no strangers to sexual harassment complaints. This is the second time they have been sued in less than a year. In 2014 they were named as defendants in a similar sexual harassment case that accused the head of cardiology at Yale.


Dr. Mahnensmith’s sexual harassment attorney declined to comment by saying that neither him nor the doctor can comment on any pending litigation.

Most of the incidents listed in the lawsuit describe how Mahnensmith would often creep up behind female colleagues and students and would press his erect penis against their backsides while massaging their shoulders.

Irwindale Police face legal sexual harassment complaint

A teenage female police explorer has sued the Irwindale Police Department. The teenager’s sexual harassment attorney has filed a lawsuit which claims that despite being fully aware of the on-going molestation, the Irwindale Police Department did nothing to stop the crime.

27-year old Daniel Camerano is already in prison serving a sentence of two years and eight months. He was handed this penalty for sexually molesting the underage girl and for sending sexually provocative and explicit text messages to another teenage female police explorer.

According to the legal complaint, Camerano would often walk the victim past his superiors’ offices before engaging in sexual acts with the helpless girl. The lawsuit alleges that the accused officer was molesting the girl and the rest of the police department was completely aware of it and instead of taking action against the officer they encouraged his grotesque behavior.

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