Here are some things a victim of sexual harassment in Conroe can do to report their problems

Conroe, TX – When a person experiences harassment in their workplace, this can be a difficult time. The victim may be confused about where to get help, or how their job may be affected. However, it is always possible to notify the employer and look for legal advice. The workplace is not allowed to retaliate against the victim for bringing the issue to their attention, or they can face additional legal consequences. Specific advice should be obtained from an attorney before filing a lawsuit or taking other actions. 

Reporting sexual harassment

The victim should always start by telling the person responsible for the harassment that their conduct is unwelcome and then notify their employer. In some cases, this can resolve the situation and no further action may not be warranted. However, not all employers are as responsive as they should be, and some perpetrators of harassment do not take their victim’s warnings seriously. There are also various labor agencies that can accept complaints about harassment and they have the authority to investigate employers. 

When is it necessary to get a lawyer?

Anyone can potentially get legal advice if they believe they are being harassed at work. The lawyer can provide guidance based on what the person tells them. As a general rule, cases will need to be formally filed if the employer continues to allow harassment to go on after it is reported, or if the victim dealt with serious consequences such as a job loss or criminal assault.  

Damages in civil lawsuits

If a victim receives a recommendation from their lawyer that legal action is necessary, they can ask for various types of compensation. These are referred to as damages in civil cases. This includes the costs of finding new employment if the victim’s position was terminated, any unpaid wages, costs for counseling or medical treatment if necessary, and other costs caused by the employer’s behavior. However, it is also important for victims to realize that there are damage caps in federal sexual harassment cases that reflect the size of the employer. Larger employers will generally have to pay out greater amounts of damages to victims, where very small companies will not be expected to pay much if there is a sexual harassment lawsuit. 

Labor lawyers are available in Texas

Moore and Associates is a law firm that handles unpaid wages, sexual harassment, discrimination, and overtime law if the state of Texas. People in Conroe and other parts of the state can schedule a meeting with their attorneys for legal advice and representation.

USAttorneys.com is a service that lists lawyers in every state of the country. Anyone who needs help with their search for a legal professional can call 800-672-3103 for more info. 

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