Here are the scenarios where a person should speak with a sexual harassment lawyer in Farmers Branch

Farmers Branch, TX – There are two main types of sexual harassment that are legally actionable. While other forms of workplace discrimination and problems may raise legal issues, sexual harassment is a specific type of mistreatment that is due to the victim’s gender or sex. The two types of sexual harassment involve either coercion into sexual activities by a superior, or consistent mistreatment from coworkers, customers, or other parties. More specific info about sexual harassment laws can be obtained from attorneys near me

Requests of sexual activity from a boss or supervisor

One of the most common types of sexual harassment is when a worker is told by their boss that they need to engage in some kind of sexual behavior to retain their employment, receive a job offer, get raises or other benefits, or for other reasons related to avoiding some kind of negative consequences. This is commonly referred to as quid pro quo harassment. While in many cases this is done by male superiors who exploit their authority over female subordinates, it can happen with any combination of genders or the same gender involved in the situation. Because this activity is serious in nature and it can cost a person their job, it should be reported immediately and the victim may want to speak with an attorney to see if a lawsuit is necessary.

Work environments that affect the person’s ability to function

When a person is harassed so severely that they can no longer complete their job duties as normal, this is called a hostile work environment. Usually, just one or two instances of misconduct will not be considered enough to create a hostile work environment. However, if other parties such as workers within the company, customers or clients, or bosses constantly mistreat the victim to the point it affects their work performance, this can be considered a hostile work environment. This analysis is very fact intensive, and the ability to be successful in a lawsuit can highly depend on the specific conduct in question. 

Employers have a duty to protect their workers from sexual harassment, so things like adequate training and systems to report this conduct before it becomes a hostile work environment should be in place. If the employer has not attempted to minimize the possibility that a hostile work environment will occur, they can be implicated in a lawsuit. 

Farmers Branch labor attorneys

Moore and Associates is a firm that helps workers in Farmers Branch and other parts of Texas with these issues. Anyone who needs advice about sexual harassment, discrimination, unpaid wages, or overtime law can schedule a meeting with their lawyers for advice. 

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