Here is the specific definition of sexual harassment in workplaces in San Antonio

San Antonio, TX – When people talk of sexual harassment in workplaces, they may not always be aware of the precise definition of this kind of conduct. If a worker feels that they need to take legal action, they need to meet the elements of the claim by showing a few specific types of behavior. In situations where the misconduct in question does not meet these specific definitions, it may be unethical or problematic for other reasons, but it does not meet the requirements to become a sexual harassment lawsuit. Attorneys near me can provide more detailed advice that is specific to a worker’s situation. 

What is sexual harassment?

There is a specific definition of the two types of behaviors that are illegal and considered sexual harassment in a court of law. The first is commonly called quid pro quo harassment. This is when a worker’s boss, supervisor, or someone else in a position of authority requests that a person perform some kind of sexual acts in exchange for things like employment, benefits, raises, or to avoid termination. The second type of harassment is called a hostile work environment. This is when a person is consistently mistreated to the point where it affects their ability to do their job as normal. The mistreatment in question must be based on sex or gender, and any coworkers, customers, or clients can be responsible for the harassment as the workplace has a duty to protect workers and eliminate harassment as it is reported. 

In these scenarios both the victim and the person responsible can be of the same gender or any gender. The legal analysis will only focus on the behavior in question.

Common examples of when harassment happens

An analysis of sexual harassment is very fact intensive, but there are a few scenarios where workers are likely to notice sexual harassment in their workplace. One such example is unwanted physical contact. This can become a hostile work environment if it happens consistently, and severe cases of unwanted physical intrusions onto a person can also result in criminal assault charges. Constant verbal harassment or threats based on gender can become a serious form of mistreatment as well, as this can start to affect the person’s ability to function if it is constant. 

Labor attorneys in Texas

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