High profile cases have helped increase awareness of sexual harassment

Midland, TX – While some sexual harassment cases have more evidence available for the victim to make their claim than others, there tend to be some common threads through many successful harassment lawsuits. This will usually include a pervasive environment of verbal or physical conduct that is inappropriate and allowed to continue for an extended period of time. A single incident is less likely to produce success for the victim, unless the conduct by their superiors or co-workers was very severe. 

Large companies with problematic work environments

There were a number of harassment cases against large companies that involved multiple plaintiffs and alleged long term problems related to verbal abuse, unwanted physical contact, and other forms of misbehavior that went on for years without much change. The total amount of damages involved in these lawsuits can become very large because there are several plaintiffs who may receive millions of dollars from their combined cases. 

Large companies and employers gradually changed their human resources departments, offered additional training, and adopted zero tolerance policies for sexual harassment after the negative media exposure associated with these incidents. Many plaintiffs are also offered settlement agreements to essentially make the bad press go away, as negative publicity can be even more costly than the amounts paid directly to the victims.

Politics and government problems exposed

A number of high profile incidents involving politicians also exposed sexual harassment in various levels of government over the last couple of decades. The victims would usually have documented evidence of a superior expecting some kind of sexual conduct in exchange for jobs, pay, or benefits. The government office that employed these victims was sued under various relevant laws. There was a shift away from this kind of behavior through increased awareness and training, but government employees still become victims of harassment and these cases served as a reminder that illegal conduct can happen in any type of workplace. 

Celebrities and the acting profession

Many people who have high positions in the entertainment industry were also accused of sexual harassment, and the victims claim that this kind of behavior was standard operating procedure in the industry for decades. When celebrities with large followings and media presence started to speak out about this kind of behavior, it resulted in a reaction where others with similar stories came forward.  

Getting more information about lawsuits related to workplace problems

Anyone who feels that they have been a victim of harassment, discrimination, or any other kind of illegal workplace behavior has the option of talking to an experienced labor lawyer. Moore and Associates focus on employment and labor law issues in the Midland area and other parts of Texas. 

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