Tina Haskenhoff, a laboratory manager at Homeland Energy Solutions, filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the ethanol company.

She worked at the plant in the northeastern town of Lawler and her plant manager Kevin Howes commented about her and other women’s breasts, besides making other inappropriate comments, according to the lawsuit.

She complained about the harassment and Howes retaliated against her, which made her quit the job, according to the complaint. She was awarded $1.4 million by a Chickasaw county jury during the trial last year, and an additional $1.1 million for attorney’s fees by the District Judge John Bauercamper. The attorney was very happy after that! America is a wonderful country, you can become rich after a few days of hardship over the course a year or so.

Training procedures and modification of employment policies to ensure such harassment does not occur would also have to be initiated within 90 days, according to the ruling given by the judge. Now the company is struck again!

Even more money sought!

Sexual harassment attorneys had requested an additional award of $846,000 for their fees and $240,000 in front pay for the plaintiff, and for the policy revisions at the ethanol plant.

Cannot be reemployed at the plant

The judge also said that the plaintiff cannot be reemployed in the plant since the defendant and others who have been accused of sexual harassment were still working there. Haskenhoff should be paid $80,000 for three years to allow her to complete a four year degree so that she can find a job in a different field, according to the ruling.

The sexual harassment attorney had worked hard in the case, and the amount awarded was appropriate, according to Bauercamper. Brooke Timmer, attorney for Haskenhoff, said that it was important to his client that no other woman employee goes through what she had to in the company.

The company said that all necessary measures were taken to deal with the complaints but did not believe that stringent measures were required. A new trial would be sought by the company’s attorneys, according to Kevin Visser.

Third Sexual Harassment Complaint Filed Against Supt Ramon Cortines

Superintendent Ramon Cortines has been accused of sexual harassment again by Scot Graham, an employee of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).

He alleged that Cortines sexually harassed him in 2000, but since he left the school the same year, the matter was not reported, according to Graham.

Graham had previously filed two complaints accusing Cortines of inappropriate conduct. The General Counsel for LAUSD, where Graham works as the real estate director, said that the latest complaint was a rerun of the earlier accusations and that the district was not aware of new charges.

The sexual advances were made when Graham visited Cortines at his Kern County house in 2000, according to the complaint.

Graham complained later to John Creer, his boss and James Sohn, but no action was initiated by them, according to the lawsuit. Holmquist told Graham to forget about the incident at Cortine’s ranch and not to report the matter, as per the document.

Why not take the money?!

An amount of $200,000 was offered to Graham in 2012 by the district to settle the case, which was refused by Graham later. Cortines admitted that they had had a consensual relationship, but denied he harassed Graham.