Housing Corp of Louisiana Exec Director Accused of Sexual Harassment

Louisiana’s affordable housing agency’s director has allegedly sexually harassed two female subordinates. An investigation has found the accusations to be true. Shockingly, the director had constantly harassed the two women over a period of more than half a year, usually persuading them to spend the night with him at government sponsored hotel suites, as reported in The Advocate.

As a result of the conclusion of the investigation, he resigned from his post on the 1st of May. The guilty party has been identified as Frederick Tombar III who has declined to give any interviews or make any comments since the accusations surfaced. According to his contract, he earned a base salary of $250,000.

Refusal = Retaliation

Tombar’s sexual harassment attorney has responded strongly. Speaking on behalf of his client the attorney said that the state was extremely careless for having released the details of an internal investigation to the public even though the claims weren’t proven. Furthermore, he said that Tombar’s resignation is in no way a form of an admission of guilt―he resigned just to save his family from public threats.

The investigation details included exchanges of emails and text messages between the two women and Tombar, the messages were usually premised around him asking them to meet him for drinks and other similar demands. The victims’ identities have been withheld for privacy concerns.

Tombar is a fool

The women further alleged that Tombar had threatened to terminate their employment contracts every time they refused one of his sexual advances. Apparently, they had to resort to giving him false excuses as a direct refusal would result in retaliation. Tombar is a married man and the father of three children.

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Currently, Michelle Thompson has replaced Tombar and is handling his roles. Thompson is the Chief Administrative Officer at the firm. According to a spokesperson, the Board of Directors who hired Tombar is not going to be looking for a permanent replacement anytime soon. They will only consider applications post the fall elections.

WNBA’s liberty president indicted for misogynistic remarks

As per a NY Post report, WNBA basketball player Anucha Browne has returned to the spotlight as she alleges that Isiah Thomas made sexist remarks towards her. However, Browne has not made a meal of the issue. She has refrained from talking about the subject unnecessarily and has abstained from over reacting. What she has done though is let a couple of tweets deliver strong messages on her behalf.

Browne had made complaints about Thomas’ inappropriate behavior but she faced retaliation and even James Dolan, who strived for Thomas to be appointed as liberty president, had personally expressed that he had wanted Browne fired. Garden brass was hit with a charge for failing to discipline Thomas and thereby creating a hostile work environment.

Browne was awarded $11.6 million as compensation for non-economic damages. In her attempts to expose Thomas’ true character, Browne had shared a YouTube video where Thomas was seen talking about the black man’s right to call a “black woman a bitc-“. True gentleman indeed!

You would think Thomas had had enough controversy in his life. But Browne is rich now – only in America does this happen! Receiving a few unsavory remarks in America is like hitting the lottery.