Houston, TX – There are a number of ways that employees can be harassed by their bosses and supervisors. This is one of the most common types of harassment in any work environment, as individuals who have been harassed by someone who is an authority figure are less likely to report the conduct. People who have been mistreated by their superiors at work can review their situation confidentially with a licensed attorney and determine if legal action is appropriate. 

Typical harassment issues

One of the most common forms of sexual harassment is when a supervising employee makes advances to one of their subordinates. This can be done as a condition on receiving promotions, raises, or bonuses, while other times there may be no expectation that the victim will receive anything at all. Other bosses may even threaten their workers with termination, or make up other reasons for a job loss or demotion if they do not comply with these illegal requests. 

The threat of retaliation

Some bosses may even start to retaliate against employees for not accepting their advances. This can include various forms of intimidation, verbally abusing the worker in front of their peers, negative performance reviews and starting to treat them unfairly. The most extreme form of retaliation is when an employer uses a pretextual reason to end the worker’s position due to a personal vendetta. 

Any kind of retaliation against an employee who reported discrimination, sexual harassment, improper pay, or related issues is illegal and can become the basis for a civil lawsuit. 

Additional consequences of harassment that may affect an entire company

Not only is this kind of conduct illegal, it also tends to affect a company’s productivity and employee morale if left unchecked for extended periods of time. In other words, many companies will actually end up losing money due to abusive bosses. Harassment and other forms of disagreements and tension can become a large distraction in the workplace, and create additional administrative work for human resources and related departments that detracts from productive activities.

Harassment can also encourage a culture of bullying and arguing in a workplace. When workers are constantly exposed to a toxic work environment, they may become more likely to adopt some of these negative behaviors themselves as a way of dealing with their situation. This can cause some individuals to underperform or even leave for other opportunities, which also results in additional costs.

Finding help from a harassment attorney in Houston

There are some local attorneys who dedicate their practice to helping local victims with various labor and employment issues. Moore and Associates is an experienced firm that has handled cases related to sexual harassment, unpaid wages and overtime, and various other workplace problems. 

Firm contact info:

Moore & Associates 

440 Louisiana Street, Suite 675, Houston, TX 77002 



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