Houston workers may experience harassment in any industry

Houston, TX Harassment comes in a number of different forms and it can happen in any type of workplace or industry. There are a number of examples of possible harassment that can vary significantly depending on the industry and the specific dynamic between the employees and their superiors. However, the basic structure of the problem does not change much, and there are some actions that can potentially result in a harassment lawsuit regardless of the size of the company and the work that employees do on a daily basis. 

Corporate settings

In typical office environments, any expectation of illicit conduct in exchange for wages, bonuses, or promotions is considered harassment. This normally comes from supervising employees and superiors, but it can technically come from any other worker as well. Most companies have a human resources department that is supposed to investigate and handle these incidents. However, the worker may need outside help from a labor lawyer if they feel that their company will not take the claims seriously or find ways to retaliate against them after reporting the problem. 

Hostile work environments

In any workplace where employees need to interact and socialize regularly, constant mistreatment of an employee, or certain groups of employees can count as harassment. All workers are entitled to a professional work environment by law. Under Texas Law, the specific elements of a hostile work environment claim must show that the victim was affected in a serious manner that was detrimental to their performance and well being. 

Stalking and romantic relationships

Excessively contacting another worker for business that is outside of normal job duties or attempting to form a personal relationship with another worker is usually considered harassment. Most companies have some kind of policy that covers relationships between coworkers and superiors. However, anyone who is concerned about these issues can choose to contact their own attorney if their company’s human resources department does not take action or remedy the problem. 

Denying legitimate requests

If a worker is told that they cannot use their paid time off, receive overtime, or other entitlements that they have earned, this may be a form of discrimination or harassment. Sometimes, superiors will do this to retaliate against an employee who has reported prior issues. Retaliation against an employee for exercising a right of any kind is illegal and actionable through a civil lawsuit. 

It may be possible to file a lawsuit related to labor law violations

Some law firms focus on assisting clients who have had issues with an employer such as discrimination, unpaid wages, or harassment. Moore and Associates is a reputable firm that assists clients with labor and employment issues throughout the state of Texas. 

Firm contact info:

Moore & Associates 

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