If you have a child who was recently admitted into a college or you are a college student yourself, it is important that while you enjoy your experience, you are also cautious and careful while on campus and in social settings. For many college students, this is the time for them to explore and let loose, however, it is also a time where many find themselves in uncomfortable and even dangerous situations.

While many college students assume they are around people they know and can trust, the truth is, when you let your guard down, you put yourself at risk of becoming a victim of sexual harassment and even assault. So, to help you stay safe when on campus and in social settings, below we are sharing a few tips to increase your level of safety.

Tips for Staying Safe in Social Settings

According to RAINN.org, there are a few things you can do to increase your level of safety when in a social setting.

  1. Be sure you have a plan. If you are attending a social event such as a party, be sure you go with friends you know and can trust. Discuss with them that you all need to watch out for one another. If you decide to leave, be sure the others have a reliable way of getting home so that no one is left stranded.
  2. Protect your drink. It is never a good idea to leave your drink unattended as there are people out there waiting for the right moment to take advantage. Instead, always drink from an unopened container and if you put yours down and come back to it later, dispose of it and get a new one.
  3. Know your limits. We all have our limits in terms of how much alcohol our bodies can handle and in order for you to not exceed yours, you need to remain cognizant of when you get close to it. After a person has had one too many drinks, they risk putting themselves in a very dangerous situation where they may not be able to make an informed decision and someone ready to take advantage may be there to make the decision for them.
  4. Lie when necessary. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation where someone is saying inappropriate things or attempting to touch you without your consent, it is okay to lie in an effort to get out of the situation. For example, you can tell the person that you need to get back to your friend or that you were supposed to be somewhere else by a certain time.

If you would like some tips on how to stay safe while on a college campus, click here to read what RAINN.org suggests you do.

For most young adults, college is the first time they have actually been away from home and without the supervision of their parents. Unfortunately, without the guidance and the rules they once had, many find themselves in situations that are known to lead to a negative outcome. So, rather than place yourself around individuals who might not have your best interest in mind, keep these tips and others you may already be aware of in mind when on campus and in social settings.

RAINN.org stated that during the months of August, September, October, and November, “more than 50% of college sexual assaults occur” which means now is the time to be vigilant and heighten your awareness. Now, if you believe you are a victim of sexual harassment and you live in Charleston, SC, it is important that you report the incident to a school counselor or someone you can trust. Our sexual harassment attorneys in Charleston, SC recommend that speaking up rather than keeping quiet is the best thing you can do as it not only sheds light on the ongoing issue but will also help you hold a perpetrator accountable for their inappropriate behavior.