How can workers report sexual harassment in The Woodlands?

The Woodlands, TX – When a person experiences sexual harassment at work, they can feel confused, embarrassed, or afraid to tell anyone what is happening. However, employers should have a system in place for victims to report the incident, have the behavior in question investigated and receive some kind of resolution. The employer should also cover these matters in a sexual harassment training session. However, some individuals who feel that they need assistance can speak with an attorney who handles harassment lawsuits to get advice and guidance throughout the process. 

Make sure that the person responsible is told to stop

There is a requirement in sexual harassment lawsuits that the conduct is not wanted by the victim. The victim should make it clear to the person or group responsible for the harassment that their conduct is unwelcome and needs to stop. It is helpful if the victim does this through an email or other document that can be shared as evidence if necessary.  

Finding out what person or department receives complaints

Workplaces should have a designated person or human resources department that handles and investigates complaints from employees. This should not be the person’s direct boss or anyone who would have the authority to fire or discipline the employee. Ideally, the company should also take every complaint seriously and investigate the allegations thoroughly. 

Following through after the complaint

Any person who has filed a sexual harassment complaint should follow up with their employer’s questions or interviews. Information from personal notes or workplace communications should also be provided if necessary. If the employer wants a formal complaint in writing, the worker should comply with this request as well. This will help document the incident and ensure that the employer is actually taking action to try to find out what happened and stop the behavior in question. 

Get outside help if necessary

A person who has experienced workplace harassment can always get legal advice and retain an attorney at any point in this process. The lawyer can file a case against the workplace on the victim’s behalf when necessary. It is also beneficial to report the behavior to the correct government agency that has the authority to investigate allegations of harassment and discipline employers through fines and other means. 

Sexual harassment attorneys are available to answer questions

Moore and Associates is a labor law firm that handles workplace issues for people in The Woodlands and other parts of Texas. Their attorneys focus on matters related to unpaid wages, overtime law, sexual harassment, and discrimination.

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