How common is sexual harassment in workplaces in Baytown?

Baytown, TX – Although sexual harassment is illegal in all workplaces throughout the United States, it continues to be a serious national problem. Getting a concrete understanding of how common the behavior is can also be problematic, as many victims do not report harassment out of fear of retaliation and other negative consequences. All of these negative actions taken by workplaces are illegal, and if anyone has become a victim of sexual harassment or retaliation they should get legal advice from an attorney. 

Data related to harassment

Research has shown that at least thirty eight percent of women and fourteen percent of men have actually reported being harassed at work. A significant portion of those who report harassment will also end up switching jobs or careers due problems related to sexual harassment. There are also certain industries that tend to have much more consistent and pervasive sexual harassment issues than others. 

More than half of all women will experience some kind of unwanted sexual conduct or attention at work as well. However, for this conduct to rise to the level of legally actionable harassment, it needs to be unwelcome and serious enough to create a hostile work environment or other adverse actions taken against the victim. 

Deciding what conduct counts as harassment

Sexual harassment issues tend to be decided on a case by case basis, which makes it somewhat difficult to say exactly what kind of conduct is harassment. A boss or supervisor asking directly for sexual favors in exchange for employment or job benefits would clearly be serious enough to be considered harassment. However, one or two incidents of inappropriate discussions or verbal insults can be handled internally by the employer and it is unlikely that formal legal action would need to be taken. 

The nature of analyzing sexual harassment also adds to the difficulty in categorizing how often people legitimately become victims at work. 

Help for victims

If someone feels that they have been harassed at work, the best thing they can do is tell the person or people responsible to stop and notify their employer. There are also various government agencies such as the Department of Labor and Texas Workforce Commission that accept complaints about workplace harassment. If it is determined that a victim has experienced harassment that is serious enough for a lawsuit, they may be able to collect various types of compensation associated with lost pay and finding new employment

Labor law attorneys in Baytown

Moore and Associates is a sexual harassment firm that helps people in Baytown and nearby parts of Texas. Anyone who has experienced negative consequences due to various forms of discrimination and harassment can contact the firm to learn more. 

Firm contact info:

Moore & Associates

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