How do lawyers in Atlanta help victims of sexual harassment?

Atlanta, GA – Many workers will experience some type of illegal harassment at various points in their career. When this happens, the victim can retain a lawyer to assist with the process of filing a lawsuit and providing other forms of help. Because there are specifics of sexual harassment law that need to be considerd during the course of the litigation, the lawyer must use their knowledge and experience in an effective way. 

Gathering evidence

An attorney will assist with an investigation of the case. This may include getting information from the client, as well as things such as documentation or surveillance from the employer. These pieces of evidence will be crucial in proving that the harassment actually took place. The chances of success in many legal cases are contingent on the strength of the evidence and how it is presented. 

The formal definition of harassment

There are generally two types of harassment that happen and become legally actionable. First is quid pro quo harassment. This is where an employee’s manager or supervisor asks for some kind of sexual conduct in exchange for benefits, pay, or employment. The second is a hostile work environment, where the worker is subjected to constant mistreatment that affects their ability to work and function normally.  

An attorney can help to ensure that their client has the ability to meet all of the elements of these causes of action. If the claim is successful, the victim will be compensated for expenses related to lost employment or other kinds of losses. 

Issues related to compensation

Lawyers always help their clients attempt to get as much compensation as allowed by law. However, sexual harassment cases have special rules such as damage caps based on the size of the employer. The lawyer can still work within these rules to try to maximize their client’s damages. 

Retaliation and harassment

A problem that some employees will run into after reporting illegal actions by their employer is retaliation. This is illegal, and employers are not allowed to punish their workers for reporting any kind of discrimination, harassment, or wage issues. A workplace that has engaged in retaliatory behavior may face additional consequences through lawsuits. 

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