How does a human resources department investigate a harassment claim in Odessa Texas?

Odessa, TX – In most situations where a person feels that they are being harassed at work, the first step is to contact the employer’s human resources department and file a formal complaint. While there are variations within every business model, most companies have a number of standard procedures that are used to investigate and remedy the situation.

The initial claim process

There will usually be a designated person at the company who receives the claim along with basic facts such as the time of the incident and who was involved, along with any potential witnesses. In most cases the company will also make sure that this contact person was not involved in the incident, and does not have a conflict of interest based on the individuals who reported the problem and the accused. 

Screening for and resolving any potential retaliation is also an important part of the integrity of the investigation and the company’s overall image. Any superior who retaliates against a worker for reporting legitimate incidents of harassment can be sued or subjected to other disciplinary measures by the company. When a victim’s coworkers are responsible for the harassment, the company is also supposed to ensure that any actions which created a hostile work environment will end. 

Getting an independent party to look into claims

One of the best ways to ensure the independence and integrity of an investigation is to hire a firm or consultant who is not involved with the company at all to conduct the inquiry and look into the complaint and report their findings. This is most likely to be done for serious cases that warrant additional help or could have broad implications for the business. The person or firm that conducts the investigation will generally have a background in equal employment law, corporate policies related to harassment and discrimination, and related areas. They can report their findings to the company at the conclusion of the investigation and make recommendations for how to proceed.  

When the internal process of a company fails

Many people who end up filing cases related to harassment and discrimination need to get outside help and retain their own lawyer because some companies simply do not bother to follow through and ensure that their workplaces are harassment free and safe for all workers. 

Firms that focus on issues related to harassment are available to help 

Victims of harassment or any other form of illegal discrimination can speak with an attorney to learn more about employment lawsuits, wage theft, and other possible remedies. Moore and Associates is a trusted firm that is available to help local clients in the Odessa area. 

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Moore & Associates 

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