Midland, TX – When someone starts to have workplace issues related to harassment, the process to get help and resolve the situation can be confusing at times. However, there are clear answers regarding how to make the right department at the workplace aware of the problem and get outside legal help if necessary. 

Notifying the perpetrator of the problem

At first the victim should tell the person or people responsible for the harassment to stop immediately. This can be important later for providing proof of notice, as well as possibly ending the situation if the harasser realizes that they are making a serious mistake. Victims should keep in mind that the person responsible does not have to be a supervisor or boss, and their gender may be the same gender as the victim. If the person responsible is not aware of these rules, the victims should inform and let them know additional action can be taken. 

Human resources and formal action

The company’s human resources department is a crucial part of the process of enforcing rules against sexual harassment. There should be some kind of anti harassment policy in writing. The victim should tell the department about the harassment and provide evidence such as dates and times when specific incidents happened. The human resources director or someone in a similar position should take formal action to try to make the problem stop, and notify the person or people responsible that their actions are illegal and violations of company policy. However, there may be situations where the victim does not receive enough help from their company, and outside legal intervention is necessary. 

Getting an attorney to file a lawsuit

There are lawyers who can review situations involving harassment and bring a civil lawsuit for damages against the company. These damages may include lost pay and back pay, treatment for therapy and counseling, and costs associated with finding another job if the victim was terminated or left their old position. An employment lawyer will file a complaint in the local civil court that handles sexual harassment and related labor issues. This complaint will give a basic outline of the facts giving rise to the legal action, as well as the amount of damages that the plaintiff is seeking. The defendant will be served with a copy of this notice along with a chance to respond to the allegations. The case may either settle or go to trial.

Employment attorneys in Midland Texas

Moore and Associates files lawsuits against employers related to issues such as unpaid wages, harassment, discrimination, and violations of labor laws. Anyone who is considering a civil case related to these problems can contact the firm for more information. 

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