Wichita Falls, TX – While all sexual harassment in workplaces is illegal, there are some forms or workplace conduct that are treated more seriously than others. One of the most serious and common types of sexual harassment is when a person’s manager or supervisor explicitly asks for some kind of sexual favors from the people who work for them. This is called quid pro quo harassment, and the authority figure will often tell workers that they will be disciplined, terminated, or lose pay and benefits if they do not comply with their requests. In most cases, even one instance of this kind of serious conduct will be sufficient for formal legal action. 

The structure of harassment from superiors

Certain workplaces have supervisors or owners who are in positions of power over their workers for several years. Over time, some of these individuals start to disregard basic workplace rules and take advantage of their position. The problem can be complicated by the fact that many workers do not report abuse by their superiors out of fear or losing their jobs or other forms of retaliation. This is despite the fact that retaliation against a worker who asserts their rights is illegal, just as other forms of harassment

How incidents happen

Some bosses will use a formal meeting with an employee as a pretext to ask them for illegal sexual acts in an isolated environment. People are less likely to report such behavior or think that others will believe them if there are no other witnesses present because it happened in isolation. The worker may also be threatened with job loss or the loss of pay if they do not comply. 

Remedies available to workers

Anyone who has been victimized in this way should first report the incident to their employer and take note of the time and place where it happened. The employer may be able to resolve the situation without further issue. However, because quid pro quo harassment is very serious, the victim can also report the incident to a labor board and retain a lawyer. If successful in the lawsuit, the person can receive compensation for finding a new employer if they lost their job, or therapy if they have psychological issues. A labor board also has the authority to investigate the workplace and make various recommendations. The employer can be sanctioned or fined depending on the results of their findings. 

Employment attorneys in Texas

Moore and Associates is a group of employment attorneys who help people with various problems in their workplaces. Any worker who has had problems with unpaid wages, unpaid overtime, sexual harassment, or discrimination can contact the firm to learn more. 

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