How is sexual harassment investigated by workplaces in Lufkin?

Lufkin, TX – Sexual harassment is a form of gender based discrimination that is illegal in every state in the country. Victims are allowed to sue their employers for various types of compensation if they can prove that the harassment actually happened in their workplace. However, before a lawsuit takes place, the worker must report the problem to their employer, and they will likely conduct their own investigation to determine what happened. Because there are a couple types of sexual harassment that are legally actionable, the investigation will focus on whether the person’s boss asked for sexual favors, or if the victim was subjected to a hostile work environment due to their gender or sex. Other kinds of workplace misconduct may not rise to the level of actionable harassment. 

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Talking with witnesses and coworkers

Anyone who may have information about the person becoming a victim of sexual harassment can potentially be interviewed during the investigation. This is a crucial part of the process, as there may be people who directly witnessed a person’s boss or coworkers engage in illegal conduct. This person can also be called to testify at a later time if a trial is necessary. 

Reviewing surveillance footage

An office building or other kinds of work areas may have surveillance cameras set up in various places. This is becoming more common as workplaces look to minimize any potential security issues. If these devices have captured illegal conduct, this can be some of the most important kind of direct evidence that the sexual harassment actually took place. 

Depositions from important people

Once the lawsuit is actually filed, certain people can be ordered to take a deposition. It is common for people to be deposed as part of any kind of lawsuit to gather more information. The witness will be placed under oath, they will be questioned, and their statements will be recorded by a court reporter. This is an important part of the discovery process in some cases to get an idea of what a person will potentially say in court, as well as to ensure that they do not change their story at trial because they can be impeached with prior inconsistent statements.  

Information from employment lawyers in Texas

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