How Might I Address Someone Who is Engaging in Inappropriate Behavior at Work?

With sexual harassment being openly discussed among employers and employees, it is evident that many individuals now understand just how serious sexual harassment is. But that doesn’t mean that people are going to stop engaging in the inappropriate behavior they have been for years. There will still be individuals making comments with a sexual connotation behind it toward other coworkers and individuals abusing their power and position to coerce someone into doing something they don’t want in exchange for a promotion, raise, or even to keep their job.

The fact is, although the #MeToo movement has done a tremendous job at combating sexual harassment, it is still is an issue in workplaces all across the U.S. With that said it is important for people to become aware of how they can handle a situation in which they are the victim of an act of sexual harassment. Now remember, sexual misconduct does come in many forms and in different degrees so not all acts are going to involve groping and grabbing. Some might involve a coworker or boss making a “funny” comment they believe to be harmless but leaves you feeling violated or uncomfortable.

So, if you are looking for ways to address someone who may tell inappropriate jokes or say things to you that make you feel awkward, Inc. com shares some ways you can address these individuals to help prevent them from continuing on with the harassment:

  • When someone makes a sexual comment toward you or starts telling an inappropriate joke, you can say, “Those types of comments or jokes that you’re making don’t belong in the workplace. Let’s keep things professional.”
  • If someone diverts from the conversation and begins to make comments about your looks and/or their feelings toward you, you can respond with “Thank you very much, but could you go back to the point you were making about X?”
  • If someone begins to touch you without your consent, consider responding with“In the future, please ask my permission to touch me for anything other than a handshake.” Now, if the person is more forward and aggressive, you may even consider saying, “Don’t touch my hair, arm, shoulder, etc.”
  • If someone begins to make you feel uncomfortable and starts to discuss topics that you know shouldn’t be talked about in a workplace setting, you can respond with, “I am not interested in…” or “I do not want…”
  • Another way to tackle a situation that just doesn’t sit right with you is by telling the person who is engaging in the discomforting behavior “I feel uncomfortable with this conversation, what you’re doing, how you’re talking to me.”

If you find the behavior continues and the person ignores your requests for them to stop, then it might be time to take your concerns to someone higher up. And if that person happens to be the one making the crude or sexual comments or gestures, then consider contacting a New York, NY sexual harassment lawyer. The attorneys we work with can provide you with the advice you might be needing along with the guidance to help address this person who continues to put you in an uncomfortable situation.

If you would like to be connected with a sexual misconduct lawyer in New York, NY now, contact us as soon as possible.