Anyone who has been subjected to sexual harassment at the workplace is entitled to receive fair compensation. This is particularly so if you have experienced unwelcome sexual advances, actions that were sexual in nature, or offensive comments on your gender.


In case your sexual harassment claim was successful, the amount of money that you are entitled to receive as “damages” or financial compensation depends on the type of harm you have suffered due to sexual harassment. Some kinds of damages, such as front pay and back pay, are meant to compensate you for any wages that you lost because of being sexually harassed.

Then there are other sorts of damages aimed at compensating you for the emotional distress like pain and suffering caused by the harassment or the punitive damages from your California employer as he/she failed to put an end to the harassment.

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Back Pay

According to California sexual harassment lawyers, if your employer denied you a raise in salary, refused promotion, or fired you due to sexual harassment, you might be allowed to receive back pay, which is all the benefits, wages, and any other compensation a victim would have earned from the point of any negative employment decision until the day of judgment or jury award. What does back pay consist of?

  • Wages, that includes any raises you ought to have received
  • Commissions, bonuses, or tips
  • Value of benefits, like life and health insurance
  • Sick pay or vacation
  • Pension or retirement benefits
  • Profit sharing or stock options

Generally, federal law restricts back pay to up to two years from the time you file your sexual harassment lawsuit and California sexual harassment attorneys know all about this. However, some state laws might let you receive back pay for longer periods.

Front Pay

If you have lost your job or was forced to quit as a result of sexual harassment, you might have the legal right to be reinstated to your former position at the workplace. However, in some cases, this is impractical or impossible.

Your position might not be available any longer, or the working relationship with your employer might have turned too intimidating for you to go back. In such a situation, you might be entitled to receive front pay that is meant to recompense you for any loss of wages you are likely to suffer right from the date of the jury award and for the future. Your California sexual harassment lawyer will help you in this pursuit.

Attorneys’ Fees

In case are successful in the sexual harassment case, you are entitled to lawyer’s fees, and the costs of the lawsuit. Under the circumstances, if you feel that you have been subject to sexual harassment, you ought to consult an experienced California sexual harassment lawyer without any delay.

This is because only a legal representative can conduct a thorough evaluation of your case and counsel you on the best course of action. Since there are stringent time limits for the filing of a sexual harassment suit, don’t delay seeking the advice of a suitable lawyer.

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