For years now, sexual harassment allegations haven’t been taken seriously and many victims of the act have been too afraid to come forward with their claims. But, in the last few months, more and more people are coming forward, highlighting details of their incidents that could be classified as sexual harassment. And this time, their claims are being heard. From TV anchors to comedians, some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry are being called out for their unethical behavior known to many as sexual misconduct.

As you know, women and men both have suffered from sexual harassment, although women are the more predominant victims in many of the cases we hear about. And for the longest time, most sexual harassment cases have resulted in the same consequence, none. But, with so many complaints being filed, that consequence will no longer stand. So, how are we as a society expected to handle all these new incidents that continue to surface? The New York Times published an article recently that touched on the topic of how we should respond to sexual harassment seeing that it is becoming more common to discuss.  We highlight a few key points below.

Consequences of Sexual Misconduct


It is common to hear that someone who has been accused of sexual harassment gets to walk away without facing any harsh penalties, except for them maybe losing their jobs. But, the discussion of consequences is something that now needs to be addressed seeing how serious society has become in addressing these issues. So, how should these cases be dealt with? Should everyone face criminal penalties or just receive the acknowledgment that they behaved unethically?

While it is important to take each case and handle it in a confined manner, we don’t want to forget that just because one case sounds harsher than the other that it didn’t affect the victim in a more severe way. Take the case involving Kater Gordon. She mentioned that her boss, Matthew Weiner had told her “he deserved to see her naked,” which undermined her confidence and ambition. As a result, she left the television industry, “abandoning a promising career.” Because of the harm that was done, she left a career that could have changed her life for the better. But, this case seems “like a misdemeanor” against those involving Mr. Weinstein or Mr. Moore.

The fact is, that shouldn’t matter when it comes to how these individuals are reprimanded for their actions. The article pointed out a key phrase that reveals one way in which society might consider responding to all the sexual harassment claims that are being filed. It reads, “Harassers should bear the costs of the harm they impose.” whether it was a comment or something more severe as rape, the damages are also in need of being accounted for.  

If you are being sexually harassed in your workplace or the incident happened a while back, now is the time to come forward with your claims. New York, NY sexual harassment lawyers are available and ready to help you.  Being that we are experiencing an epidemic of sexual harassment cases, it is unlikely that yours is going to be disregarded. Contact to find a local sexual misconduct lawyer in New York who is qualified to provide you with the assistance you are going to want and need.