And there are many of them! Just watch 24 Season 5, Kate Mara’s character! She did not need a New York sexual harassment lawyer (yes, the show was in LA for this season but you get the point) nor need to use this incredible and breathtaking legal website, she needed a psychologist!

Sexual Harassment should be Stamped Out

Sexual harassment is a major concern and is considered a crime of the most reprehensible order and rightfully so. However, there seems to exist a perpetual trend where frivolous lawsuits are often filed against innocent persons alleging sexual harassment. One of the reasons is because America is the wild wild west of lawsuits. England does not have this problem since they have a rule in place that if you file a lawsuit and you lose, you pay the court costs.

But since the Democrats are controlled by lawyers, America has trouble passing a sensible law like this.

The answer to why such a trend even exists is simple. For the most part, it is a get rich quick scheme that some people exploit without any consideration for the social reputation or future of the persons that they are raising such allegations against.

It really is a dog-eat-dog world out there and people facing such false accusations ought to defend themselves fiercely and do everything in their power to clear their name of the crime. The best course of action for anyone facing such charges is to appoint an experienced New York, NY sexual harassment lawyer to help build a solid defense strategy to counter such allegations.

What can you do when accused falsely of sexual harassment?

According to New York sexual harassment attorneys, it is not legal to fire or reprimand an employee in case the employee files a sexual harassment lawsuit against the employer. However, at the same time, it is also illegal to file a frivolous sexual harassment lawsuit. The lawsuit can be shown to be false by contrasting testimonies by witnesses, by facts and by alibis that your New York sexual harassment legal representative will know how to gather and present before a judge or jury.

In addition, it is important to note that sexual harassment claims that are filed solely with the intention of discriminating or retaliating against a person will not be entertained in court. The burden of proving the harassment lies with the plaintiff and his or legal counsel. Therefore, the defense should also be built considering what sort of claims, accusations, and evidence the complainant has.

Greed and revenge are powerful forces. Sometimes they compel someone to file a frivolous lawsuit that involves a New York, NY sexual harassment lawyer. For some striking employment information along these lines, this site has been designed for you. It is….

Damage Recovery after a Frivolous Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

In most cases, sexual harassment allegations in the workplace can be settled by simply approaching human resources. However, there are cases where a lawsuit filed frivolously can result in serious damages for the defendant. These may be in terms of loss of employment, loss in wages, and other non- economic damages. When a person is falsely accused of sexual harassment, he or she has the right to sue the accuser for these damages.

How does the court determine if a sexual harassment if frivolous or legitimate?

New York, NY sexual harassment lawyers say the judicial system is well versed with sexual harassment lawsuits. They almost always hit the nail on the head when it comes to getting their decisions right. They consider several factors such as evidence presented, testimonies by witnesses, motive to file frivolous lawsuits, the complainants past federal records and possible criminal charges.

In addition, the defense strategy employed by the defendant and his or her legal counsel will also play a huge part in discrediting the frivolous lawsuit which is why it is imperative to get started on building a solid defense right away.