How To Defend Yourself Against Sexual Harassment Allegations In Nevada

Sexual harassment allegations affect everyone from the bottom income level to the top. In 2018Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn of the Wynn Resorts chain had to step down from his own company amid allegations of sexual harassment. 


Allegations of various sexual misconduct from multiple salon employees made it to a Wall Street Journal article which triggered an avalanche of consequences for Steven Wynn. One day after the article, he had to step down from the Republican National Committee. Within weeks, he had his honorary degree from the University of Pennsylvania rescinded, he had stepped down from Wynn Resorts, his own shareholders sued him, and his company’s top executives had all been accused of insider trading by authorities. They had sold shares during the media storm surrounding the allegations. 


Years later, these lawsuits were tossed out by a federal judge who said the evidence was insufficient. Yet despite the lack of evidence and the fact that Steve Wynn was an influential billionaire, these allegations still changed his life completely. 


If you’ve been accused of sexual harassment, billionaire or not, don’t hesitate in connecting with an experienced, Nevada-based sexual harassment lawyer to defend your rights and reputation


Nevada’s laws on sexual harassment:


The Nevada Fair Employment Practices Act bans discrimination in the workplace, including sex-based discrimination which sexual harassment falls under. This Act applies to all employers with 15 or more employees. 


Additionally, federal laws also prohibit sexual harassment; The Civil Rights Act of 1964 contains Title VII which has more or less the same statutes as Nevada’s state-level law, including the fact it applies to employers with 15 or more employees. 


Quid-pro-quo and Hostile Work Environment


There are two types of sexual harassment you can be accused of: 


  • Quid-pro-quo 
  • Hostile work environment


Quid-pro-quo is when sexual misconduct is part of some type of offer or exchange regarding someone’s career. A common example is a boss or higher-ranking employee asking for sexual favors in exchange for a promotion or pay raise. 


Hostile work environment sexual harassment is when someone is subject to some type of sexually hostile act that creates a hostile work environment for them. This can include a wide range of things like: 


  • Stalking
  • Rude or lewd comments
  • Touching, groping, patting
  • Unsolicited sexualized photos or pornography
  • Unwanted sexual advances
  • Sexual assault/rape 


The legal process


If a victim’s allegation falls in line with either the state or federal laws regarding sexual harassment, then they have the option of filing a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) within 300 days to obtain the right to sue. They may be asked to participate in an investigation before any judicial processes begin. 


Do you need to defend yourself against a sexual harassment allegation? 


Don’t risk your reputation or career just so you can have more time to think. Sexual harassment allegations can have serious repercussions. From Las Vegas to Reno, seasoned attorneys are waiting to help you. 

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