All across the US, some students have chosen to drop out of school, as they don’t feel secure at school, due to various kinds of sex discrimination and sexual harassment. Sacramento, California is no different.

There is a federal law in place, termed Title IX that bans such discrimination and harassment and a school district or school is financially accountable for any harm done to the students, due to student to student or teacher to student harassment.

What is sexual harassment?

According to Sacramento, CA sexual harassment lawyers, sexual harassment is the unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature, interfering unreasonably with the ability of a student to study, learn, achieve, work, or take part in various school activities. It might cause the victim to feel intimidated, threatened, afraid, angry, humiliated, or trapped.

Role of Schools

As a form of sex discrimination, California schools have the legal responsibility to prevent it. Sexual harassment can happen outside the school premises in some school-related activity, program or other. Schools have to protect you in similar circumstances. If you want more information on this topic, some helpful information could be right here.

To stop this harassment, schools should have policies against the practice, to look into complaints accompanied by Sacramento, California sexual harassment attorneys, to take timely action to prevent harassment as and when it happens. In certain cases, a victim can approach the court to obtain damages, if his/her school cannot fulfill its responsibilities.

What to do when Sexually Harassed?

If ignored, incidences of sexual harassment can tend to get out of control. It is important to inform the harasser that his/her attention is unwelcome and go on to alert others such as a friend, trusted adult, or counselor, someone who believes you, about such conduct. This can be used as evidence later. Document the harassment and keep it as a record.

Sexual harrassment does not only happen to adults. It happens to minors as well. If you need a Sacramento sexual harrassment lawyer, this is the place for you…. School is a place for learning, if some people cannot figure that out, they should not be there.

Record when, what where each act happened, who was present, and the way you reacted. Save pictures, notes, or other documents you received from your harasser so you can show your Sacramento sexual harassment lawyer.

The next step is to report the sexual abuse or harassment to your school. Your school will have an anti-harassment policy so make sure you are aware of its guidelines. Meet the person who is assigned to handle complaints about sexual harassment. In case you don’t feel comfortable talking to the assigned individual, approach  a teacher or any other adult at school, someone you like as also trust. If you wish, you can take a parent or friend along with you to the meeting.

The next important step is filing a complaint. You can file one at the US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, or the Department of Education in your native state, or file a lawsuit according to terms of Title IX. At this juncture you might want to consult with some astute legal help to determine various options open to you, especially if you want to file lawsuit.

To feel truly safe and protected at your school is your right, accorded by federal law. If you have any concerns about sexual harassment, abuse, bullying, or any other kinds of harassment, you can seek the active help of a highly competitive, superlative, and dedicated California sexual harassment lawyer as soon as possible.