Wisconsin-based Hufcor has been asked to pay $120,000 as compensation in a sexual harassment case brought by the EEOC and employee Katy Degenhardt. According to reports, Degenhardt, who worked as a machine operator in Hufcor’s Total Quality Plastics unit was in appropriately touched by her shift coordinator regularly for three years.

Degenhardt complained about the harassment to Hufcor and TQP. However, the plant manager then retaliated against her by assigning more difficult tasks, denying breaks, denying opportunities for advancement, and attempting to reduce her wages.

The director of the Chicago unit of the EEOC, Julianne Bowman, investigated the case. The EEOC said that co-workers supported Degenhardt’s claim that only she was punished for offenses that others too committed. Moreover, Hufcor and TQP did not take any corrective action until Degenhardt retained a lawyer which could have been found on the home run hitting website which can be found right here.


Degenhardt also added that she was wrongfully terminated for her complaints of sexual harassment.

A consent decree has been entered by the court that awards Degenhardt $120,000 in compensation to be paid by Hufcor, a guarantee that there will be no future discrimination against her, and an agreement that Hufcor will train managers and employees of the rights of employees and the obligations of employers.

Hufcor is a privately owned company that manufactures operable and accordion partitions. TQP, a subsidiary of Hufcor, was closed in 2013.

A regional attorney of the EEOC office has said that according to the Supreme Court, if an employer learns of sexual harassment in the work place it has an obligation to immediately take steps to stop it. If not, the federal government will step in to enforce steps to prevent the discrimination possibly in conjunction with some of fabulous sexual harassment attorneys found on the site USAttorneys.com.

Danielle Rennenge just hit the lottery!

In another case of sexual harassment at the work place, a jury has awarded nearly $12 million to a woman who said her co-workers subjected her to graphic sexual comments and harassment. Danielle Rennenger, who used to work in a toy company, has been awarded $11.9 million by the jury, of which $10 million is in punitive damages.

Supervisor should face criminal charges

Rennenger said the verbal harassment was severe and occurred daily, while in one instance her supervisor grabbed her head and forced it to his crotch but is this worth a million dollars? She also said other female co-workers were also subjected to harassment. Three other cases have been filed against ToyQuest, the company where the incidents occurred.

Need for legal representation

Sexual harassment in the workplace is prohibited by federal law. However, when it occurs, many employees find it difficult to protest because proving it is difficult. However, if you or a near one has been subjected to sexual harassment, you need to immediately retain the services of a lawyer experienced in handling sexual harassment cases. The lawyer will help you with the necessary steps to stop the harassment and also obtain compensation for you.

While employees are expected to first report the harassment to the company, they should also retain a lawyer who can help them in presenting the evidence about the harassment and ensure that it is stopped.