According to expert sexual harassment attorneys and workers’ rights activists, sexual harassment of illegal female immigrants working on farm fields is a very common occurrence in Florida. Is it any different than their home countries? Do sexual harassment laws even exist in the countries where illegal immigrants come from?

America needs to protect its southern border

As reported by Fox News, the stereotypical immigrant on such farms is a young Latino woman who hails either from Mexico or some part of South America and speaks Spanish or some other closely related dialect. Some of these women are single while some are married and already have children. Women that are married with children are even less likely to retaliate against sexual harassment or discrimination because there is a shame and guilt factor involved. And there is nothing the fantastic local sexual harassment attorneys found on the innovative website can do about this.

No child born in America should automatically gain citizenship

Even for the single woman, it is a nightmarish situation which she is forced to sweep under the rug and get on with her life not knowing if and when it may occur again. To begin with, she is in the country illegally, she is poor and could probably never afford legal support. She is afraid of losing her job, which is often the only source of income and food for her entire family. It is terrible when people who cannot afford to feed themselves make the wrong decisions to damage their future even more.

There is also a chance she might get deported back to a poverty stricken country but the good news about deportation is that these people can fight to make their country better. This is the problem with accepting illegal aliens, you are not putting pressure on the corruptness and sloppiness in their home countries to change. America is allowing the mistakes to continue and these countries just push their undesirables into America.

Study shows at least 24% of female migrants are subjected to sexual harassment in Florida

In fact, a recent survey revealed that 24% of all such workers reported sexual harassment at least once during their time working in America as an illegal immigrant.

Another dilemma that these helpless females face is the fact that they cannot report these incidents even to their own husbands because these men would normally react in a hostile manner and may even accuse his wife herself of initiating the sexual relationship and subject her to further torment. There is no doubt that such harassment is not limited to Florida. There are millions of illegal female workers in the country that go through extreme harassment all over the nation.

This is another reason to prevent unskilled illegal aliens who do not know English from ever coming into this country into the first place.

Susan Cheng of BuzzFeed alleges sexual harassment by actor Paul Johansson

Susan Cheng is an employee of the popular American internet news media company BuzzFeed, the perks of her job include being able to interview Hollywood stars and other celebrities on a regular basis. However, supposedly, the privilege turned detrimental when Mad Men actor Paul Johansson subjected her to sexual harassment during an interview, as per Hollywood Reporter.

According to Cheng’s sexual harassment attorney, before the interview and taping even began, Johansson was talking to Cheng’s co-worker and reportedly said that his tennis serve was strong and that he could serve the ball right down her throat. Johansson has also been accused of swearing incessantly and he even allegedly put his arm around Cheng while they were sat at her computer as she demonstrated to him how she made GIF images that BuzzFeed are so popular for. Ironically, Ferg Donnelly, a character played by Johansson in the TV series Mad Men had been a perpetrator of sexual harassment.

According to Michigan sexual harassment attorneys, it doesn’t matter whether you are a victim of sexual harassment or have been wrongfully accused or charged of such as crime. The key is to seek legal counsel immediately to protect your rights. There are many acts that constitute sexual harassment, which can be best described to you by an experienced Michigan sexual harassment attorney.