Cicero, IL- The Town of Cicero has agreed to shell a great deal of money to settle sexual harassment allegations against Town President Larry Dominick. The settlement is a staggering $675,000, but this isn’t the first time the Illinois town was forced to compensate a woman who was subjected to Dominick’s inappropriate sexual conduct.

In the second lawsuit, a female officer for the Cicero Police Department accused Dominick of subjecting her to sexual harassment “on a constant basis,” the original complaint states.

According a story in the Chicago Sun Times, Dominick made sexually explicit comments toward Janidet Lujano and referred to her breasts as “gazangas.” She also alleges he touched her breasts.

In another incident, Dominick whispered into Lujano’s ear his desire to have a threesome with her and another woman. He told her he wanted to take her to a hotel that bills itself as a romantic getaway and if she didn’t want to go perhaps her mother could go with him, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

Lujano filed a civil suit against Dominck and the city decided to settle with her to the tune of $675,000.

But that isn’t the first time the city has shelled out money to one of Dominick’s harassment victims and Lujano isn’t first one he asked for a threesome.

In 2011, Dominick was sued by a woman who served as the head of the city’s animal shelter. According to court documents, Sharon Starzyk accused Dominick of groping her, sending sexually explicit emails and also asking her to participate in a threesome with another woman, the Sun Times reported.

In one particular incident, Dominick was sitting in a vehicle with Starzyk when he passed gas and began to grope her.

Starzyk also filed a civil suit and Cicero settled her case for $500,000.

Dominick said he received sexual harassment training when he was a police officer, but that didn’t discourage him from subjecting these two women to his inappropriate behavior. In a deposition, the Chicago Sun Times said when Dominick was asked what constituted sexual harassment he responded by saying, “You’re not supposed to touch ‘em, talk dirty, all kinds of stuff like that, general stuff that most people should know.”

Dominick apparently knows that sexual harassment is wrong and that he shouldn’t do it, but simply couldn’t control himself.

There has been a few men with political clout around the country, who are accused of inappropriate sexual behavior, most notable is San Diego Mayor Bob Filner. The news over the past few weeks has been dominated by accusations again Mayor Filner. At least 13 women, including two military veterans who were sexually assaulted during their service, have come forward stating that the Filner harassed them at various events.

This leaves many to wonder of some political leaders are getting the sexual harassment training they need or are thy choosing to harass their subordinate employees because they think they can get away with it? Even more importantly, why are these Filner, Dominick and other men like them allowed to keep their political posts?